Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Sprinkle

I love baby showers! I do --- It's just so special to celebrate a new baby with friends.  And, I've become quite the hostess lately as I've been a part of planning 4 showers since October...whoa.  One day, I'll be hosting retirement parties and 25th Anniversaries, but for this season of life I'm partying for babies! 

Just yesterday, I helped to host a baby shower for my friend, Diana.  Well--- it was a Sprinkle, to be exact. Why a Sprinkle and not a Shower? This is Diana's second baby and while she has most of the things she'll need for her baby boy, we knew she'd be in need of a few new items {Like those sweet smelling baby soaps, special little brother outfits, and lots of diapers} plus everyone wanted to see her beautiful little baby bump! 

There were three of us co-hosting the event and it was a huge success!  Brandi, Charlie, and I did lots of emailing and the party came together perfectly.  

Here's a look at her Sprinkle invitation. 

Even the front porch was decorated for the Sprinkle. Luckily, the actual rain held off until the shower was over.  Otherwise, we would have needed the umbrella that was hanging from the porch! 

The lanterns and garland made a beautiful backdrop in the living room where the guests gathered. 

The colors {turquoise, yellow, and navy} really brought all the details together.  Charlie even made sure the games and prizes coordinated! 

Little umbrellas were glued onto pencils that we used for the games. 

 There were lemon drop favors for all the guests.  It says, "Thanks for dropping by" on the tag.

The food table was my favorite decoration! Brandi made tissue paper clouds and we attached little glittery raindrops. 

 Beautiful and delicious!  We served "sprinkle" food--- where the guests got to choose their own toppings and sprinkle them together.  

The Pizza Sprinkle station had pitas, two choices of sauce {marinara or barbecue}, cheese, mini pepperoni, chicken, peppers and pineapples. 

If you plan to make pizzas at a shower be sure you have a happy cook, like Brandi, in the kitchen.  And, just incase you're curious... she cooked the pizzas for 5 minutes at 450 degrees. 

Diana's niece, Addy, was a huge fan of the pizza sprinkles!

The Salad Sprinkle station had mixed greens, carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, Craisins, sunflower seeds, and dressings {ranch and balsamic vinaigrette}.  

 For dessert, we had a Sundae Sprinkle station with ice cream, nuts, maraschino cherries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Of course, there were SpRiNkLeS too. We also made cloud cupcake toppers to display on a DIY cupcake stand. 

 And, it's not a party until the water bottles are decorated! 

Everyone had so much fun playing the games! 

 Watching this game was hysterical. The ladies had to draw a picture of a baby... with their eyes closed!

They all laughed at their pictures and the best drawing won a prize. {Diana was our judge}

For this game, guests used toilet tissue to estimate the size of Diana's belly.  

 Her little 3rd trimester baby bump only took 10 squares of toilet tissue! 

I tried so hard to take pictures of all the guests. But, somehow I missed a few. Why does that always happen? 

The Sprinkle was perfect!  I loved every minute of celebrating Diana and her new baby boy. We can't wait to meet baby Sawyer in a few more weeks! 


  1. Yay! You captured it beautifully, Brittany! I had so much fun hosting with you! You really should start a little business. You are a pro at this stuff! Now. . . on to birthday party planning. :)

  2. Brit i am astonished at the work you out into everything you do! You did a wonderful job, and everyone looks like they enjoyed every minute!

  3. Aw that was so awesome! You amaze me in everything you do! It was so much fun and truly a huge blessing!! Hugs!!

  4. What a great idea! I'm planning a sprinkle for my sister. She also has an older daughter born in the same season, so she really don't need any clothes. We are hoping for the necessities (diapers, wipes, bathroom needs, etc.) I'm not wanting to make it a shower with all of the big games and such, but obviously want to do some sort of games. It sounds as though you are doing quite a few showers...any ideas of simple games that don't require pencils, paper, or lots of time?

  5. Can I ask how you did the water bottle wraps? Did the paper already have the cloud and umbrella on it or was that added later? I LOVE this shower and totally going to do something like it for my sister!

  6. Ok.. so after drooling over them more... I am begging/pleading... praying you will tell me how to get those files. They look like they are printable files. I am willing to pay for them and can't find them on etsy or anything. Please help me out and let me know if I can purchase the files from anywhere. :)