Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello Staple Gun!

 Hello, Staple Gun! How have I lived without you? I'm not sure if it was the loud noise that you make or the fear of shooting myself that stopped me from using you. But, I've conquered the fear!  I used the staple gun to create a back to an open picture frame.  

 Brendon took a picture of me in action....

 After a few successful shots, I felt very empowered!  But, the angle of the picture does make me look a lot more daring. The gun was actually several inches away from me :O)

Isn't it the most beautiful picture frame backing you've ever seen? I was making a frame for all seasons that I saw on Today's Fabulous Finds.  She used a frame from the dollar store, but after touring every dollar store in the Shreveport/Bossier area, I moved onto plan B.  I bought a black open back frame from The Lobby.  In the end, it worked out even better because the frame is more modern and more closely fits our decorating style.

I also used nickel furniture nails instead of the flat topped nails that Today's Fabulous Finds used in her tutorial.

Here's the final product!  We've already found Valentine's Day ornaments to use next year and I can't wait to show you my Easter idea next month! 


  1. Love it!!! Stealing this idea!!!

    Great photos of you, as well!!!!

  2. THis is that "thingy" I was referring to for your Easter eggs.