Wednesday, March 2, 2011

St. Patty's Decorations

The St. Patty's Day decorations are out!  Since starting my blog, I've found so many great craft ideas and free subway art that have really inspired me.  

I made the "Lucky Shamrock" picture after reading a guest bloggers post on I love naptime.  

Then, downloaded the free subway print from Today's Fabulous Finds.  

I love how two small changes makes such a huge difference in the way our entertainment center looks. 

This is what it looked like in February.....

Both the Subway Art and Glitter Valentine's frames are from my FAVORITE blog Eighteen25.

I'm so thankful that other women have shared their hard work and talent on their blogs!


  1. I love how you put your displays together. :) Thanks so much for sharing the link to my subway art. I'll be including your St. Patrick's Day decor in an upcoming post. Great job!

  2. Your talent is truly awesome! I look forward to your creative posts daily! I am so ready to end the current chapter that I am writing in my blog and change to this!! Thanks for making me smile with your craftiness....AGAIN!!

    How cool that the subway art creator left a comment and is going to share your photo on her blog....YOU ROCK!!!

    Where did you find the lucky sign....did you make that as well! I was going to print off this subway art this one!

  3. Maybe I should have read the whole thing....sorry!!! Just saw where you got it!!!

  4. Janet: That is so AWESOME that you're going to share my link! I'm freaking out-- in a good way :O) Thanks again for sharing your work

    Tara: It feel like a rockstar! hahaha I was so excited when I read Janet's comment this morning.

  5. I see the TV also received a fresh look.

  6. You are such an inspiration to me, Brittany! I had so much fun this weekend doing the St Patrick's Day projects you've done! My husband and I got engaged on St Patty's Day, almost 26 years ago, and we've always celebrated it more than our anniversary! So, I was naturally drawn to doing these projects! Thank you so much for posting these on your blog...I am hooked!!

  7. Sorry about the confusion of who "Anonymous" was...couldn't figure out how to leave just my name without being signed in on a profile! I successfully completed both the subway sign and the "lucky" them both!!