Sunday, March 27, 2011

Warning Warning --- Do not eat!!!

Stuffed peppers, stuffed shells, and turkey stuffing---- all of these "stuffed" things are wonderful. But, Stuffed Artichokes from Kitchen Boss are not all they're stuffed up to be.

We were trying to eat outside the box and adventured around the produce section to find a new menu item.  Buddy Valastro has provided us with several delicious new dishes so we were sure his Stuffed Artichokes would be worth trying.  Boy, we were wrong!

Our first warning sign should have been the tremendous amount of work it took to prep the artichoke.  Notice that Brendon is using a pliers to clean the "hairy bits" out of the center.  Food should not be this difficult!

{It did look pretty though --- we should have stopped at this step, put them in a vase, and set them out as kitchen decorations}

The artichokes even looked fine as they cooked in the pot, but something just didn't smell right to me.

Brendon dug in.... even sitting on the counter to devour his artichoke.

 One bite and I knew left over pizza was going to be my replacement dinner.  But, the taste of these awful artichokes ruined my leftover homemade pizza too.  It took 2 hours to get the terrible taste out of my mouth and I was still starving.

 Brendon slowed down and actually started to taste the artichokes.  Then, he admitting that they were sour and grainy.  Then, threw them away.  Now, we were laughing at ourselves, starving, and nauseous.

But, we found a bag of pretzels in the pantry and dinner was saved.  I guess we did meet our goal to eat outside the box ---I mean we ate from a bag. Doesn't that count for something?


  1. Love it!!! Is it sad that I get super excited when I see a new post by you and can't wait to read it?! Love everything you write!!!

  2. Tara- I feel the same way. I check on here everyday and when there's nothing new i just sigh and excitedly wait for the next one.

    Brit- This made me crack up! I tried artichokes once and decided anything with "choke" in it's name shouldn't be in my mouth!! haha