Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fan Mail from my PEEPS

I received this email yesterday from a longtime follower, first time emailer. 

Dear Blogger Brit,

I am a very busy mother of two and aunt to your Owenator.  I am overwhelmed with picking up toys, cooking, grocery shopping, taking the kids to their various appointments, as well as, maintaining the house to keep your bro-in-law happy as a lark.  I was wondering if you had any creative, quick, and cheap ideas for  a small, simple, and oh so adorable Easter goody-bag for your nieces to give to their friends?  I will be waiting patiently for your reply because, well, honestly in about an hour I may have forgotten that I actually wrote this, due to the above mentioned schedule!  :  )

Your sister, 
Awesome Alicia

Here at Sew-In Love, we love getting comments, compliments, and (our first) fan email.  So, Awesome Alicia, this one's for you.

Dear Awesome Alicia, 

Thank you for writing in to Sew in Love.  After reading your request, I've been carefully considering an idea for an oh so adorable Easter goody-bag for my nieces to give to their friends. And, boy oh boy, do I have a perfect idea for you. (And, Momma will like it because it's cheap) Yes, cheep, cheep, cheep, as in PEEPS-- and I know you like Peeps! Here's a link to the website where I found the IDEA.  Eighteen 25 allows you to download the image for free. You print off the cute, "Happy Easter to one of my favorite PEEPS" tag and staple it onto a snack size Ziplock baggie filled with a row of Peeps. Super cute!!!  I hope this idea is exactly what you were looking for. 

Your sister, 
Blogger Brit

P.S. Give those sweet nieces of mine a big hug and kiss from their Aunt Britty! 


  1. THanks! that is exactly what I was looking for! You are the bestest!

  2. Blogger Brit,
    I do believe Rylee and i will be giving this to her classmates at school as well! Love love love this idea!
    Your other sister,