Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Extreme Couponing

I love watching the shows on TLC. 

If you've been reading my blog for more than a week, you know that we watch Kitchen Boss regularly.  It may sound funny, but the show has really changed the way we cook and the type of recipes we attempt.  After watching the first show, we were hooked and started cooking a new recipe each week.  Most weeks are good and only a few recipes have been disasters.  After cooking a great meal, we want cake!  Cake Boss satisfies that craving.  I've seen most episodes (at least a time or two) and even got inspired to learn how to decorate cakes.  I took the Wilton Cake decorating class and have been really happy with everything I've been able to make.

Here are a few of my cakes...

 DC Cupcakes is another dessert show I love to watch.  On Brendon's next trip to Washington DC, he's going to bring back a little sampling of their famous cupcakes! I can't wait.

Once I've finished watching my food and dessert shows for the week, I move on to the big family shows. I can't get enough of them! Quints by Surprise and 19 Kids and Counting are my favorites, but I still find myself sucked into shows like Kate Plus 8 and Sister Wives, too.  I'm just curious to see what will happen next in their lives.  And, it's pretty interesting to be a "fly on the wall" in their crazy houses and see how differently they react.

Yes, my TV schedule is pretty full!  I watch shows at night after Owen's in bed, while I blog, sew, paint, craft, or veg out. My newest show (and the reason for all this chatter about TLC's TV lineup), is called Extreme Couponing.  I was hooked before the show even aired! I have a few friends and family members that have been very successful coupon-ers and I've always been curious as to how they get such great results.  I'm all about a good deal, so as soon as I saw the commercial for this new show, I programmed the DVR to record the entire series.

After last weeks' show, I was stunned. They took cameras with these extreme coupon clippers to the grocery store and paid little-to-no money for carts and carts and carts of food. I do think some of the clippers are a little crazy---- does one really need 150 Butterfingers in their stockpile? But, I also think they are smart. I've realized that throwing out the coupon flyers is like throwing away money.  Brendon and I are both very curious and want to give it a try. No, we don't plan to turn the man-cave into a mini-grocery store, but it would be nice to spend less at the grocery store and still bring home the products we need.

I've been looking at the ads online this week, looking for tips and tricks, websites, and stumbled upon a blog about coupon clipping.  The blog is Living on a Coupon Blog.  It's written by Jessica Hacker, one of the Extreme Couponing guests.  The blog has information on how to start, become organized, and successfully shop the deals.  I can't wait to try it out!

Have you seen the show? 

Do you use coupons?  
(If not, can you mail me your weekly flyers) <----Seriously! 


  1. ha! I was scheduled to take a couponing workshop tues night but babysitter (aka grammy) fell through :/ I use a site called but it may be for the tampa bay area...they make it easy and do all the work for me by telling me what deals go with what coupons and which stores etc...saving on groceries week to week is great..stockpiling butterfingers, not so much :)

  2. First tip, plan a weekly menu, second tip, plan the menu according to what is on sale!, third tip, plan next week's menu according to what you are about to stock up on.
    Always price compare, 'cause even with a coupon at one store, another store may have it cheaper anyway with no coupon. Haven't found a FL store that double coupons, but maybe in your area.
    But most importantly, you do not need that many Butterfingers. Lastly, quality foods and ingredients are always worth paying more for. Think about it, do you want real food? or "food-like" foods? Best tip i ever got from a TV show and it really has helped

  3. you can always buy coupons from ebay or from a clipping site for pennies each.