Monday, April 18, 2011

Bleach Shirts *Take 2*

A few weeks ago, I tried making shirts for Owen using freezer paper stencils. You may remember my post Freezer Paper + Bleach = Awesome.  The blue bike shirt did turn out AWESOME! 

But, the brown chocolate bunny shirt was _________.  (What's a nice word for hideous?!?)

The steps are really simple--cut out a stencil, iron it down, and use bleach to fade the shirt.   Here are a few helpful tips, if you try making one of your own. 

1. Test your spray bottle before you spray the shirt. 
Duh... right? But, I didn't do this and regret it. I like the look of big spots of bleach, but the bottle was set on fine spray so it made the dark brown fade to a really even tan color. 

2. Spray the back of the shirt first. 
The back of the shirt is just not as important as the front, so start there and get comfortable with the bleach. 

3.  Two minutes is all it takes! 
 The instructions that I followed suggested 20 minutes. That's way too long!  I set the kitchen timer so that if when I got distracted, I wouldn't forget my shirt was hanging outside. 

4. Don't spray directly on the wax paper stencil. 
It lifts a little and blurs the edges of the picture. 

Here's how my second attempt at the chocolate bunny turned out---- AWESOME!!!  

(I used WonderUnder and yellow fabric to make the bow tie.)

We fed our little guy his first taste of chocolate bunny while he modeled the shirt. 

 But, he DID NOT like it! 

And, threw it on the ground! 

At least he liked his Chocolate Bunny T-shirt :O)


  1. still waiting for min to come in the mail. I like the blue bike shirt.size m

  2. LOVE your blog! I'm your newest follower!
    AND I replied to a comment you posted on my blog.

  3. These are just adorable. Owen may be allergic to chocolate like his Grandma. Don't worry he will eventually outgrow it.