Friday, April 22, 2011

Checking things off the list!

My list of projects is miles long, but getting shorter!  I finished up 3 projects tonight and I figured I'd post a little sneak peek for you.  

The projects that I crossed off my list are... 

1. Kitchen Canisters for the OSC Auction

2. Decorations for Owen's 1st Birthday

3. Birthday Balloon Wreath

I bought the canisters at IKEA--- two weeks ago and FINALLY used my Silhouette to cut out the labels!   I really like how they turned out and love that they will be a part of the Barksdale Officers' Spouses Club auction.   Why do the easy projects take so long to finish? 

 Next on the list, decorations for Owen's 1st birthday party!  This project has been on my list for weeks.  But, I didn't have the papers that I needed, so after our Friday night dinner out, I went to Michael's to buy scrapbook paper.

Brendon took Owen to the video game store and I was able to meander the aisles of the craft store all by myself.   Before Owen was born, a trip to The Lobby or Michael's could have taken up an hour or more of my day. But, now a trip to the craft store means I'm on a mission, list in hand, and praying that Owen will tolerate sitting in the shopping cart. The little guy loves to look around, but hates that he isn't looking in the same direction that I push the cart.

 Back to the project, I cut out circles and squares using my scrapbook supplies.  Then, called for my Silhouette to cut out the letters.  I had leftover tulle and decided to use it as accents.  One of these will go on Owen's chair while he enjoys his birthday cake and the other is going to hang on my Frame for All Seasons.  I'll of course post pictures of the party decorations, but for now, this is all you get!

 Last on the list of accomplishments, the birthday balloon wreath.  750 balloons plus 300 greening pins equals A LOT OF PATIENCE!  It's taken me double the time to make the wreath because I kept running out of supplies.... ran out of pins, bought pins, not enough balloons in all colors, bought more balloons, used up all the pins, when to the store to buy pins and forgot to pick them up,  finally had all my supplies and 3 hours later, it's done!  I love how it turned out.  I'll post instructions on my next blog incase you are interested in making one, too.

And with that.... my list is officially 3 projects lighter and my dining room table is almost clear!


  1. Love the jars. I was thinking about asking for a label maker for Christmas so I don't have to keep asking Lynn to mail me some labels, but now I'm thinking about asking for one of these silhouette machines instead. Hmm?

  2. I love the jars. Do you know what font you used on them?

    1. Thanks! The font is called FontleroyBrown.