Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I just logged into my blog, read this unpublished post and laughed. I've been so busy that I only had time to type the title--- everything else was blank.  :)

Here are a few pictures of the past week. 

 Owen got his first 1st Birthday present in the mail from his best buddies, Andrew and James.  He absolutely loves the chunky lego-style blocks.  For several days, he's been crawling around the house with at least one block with him at all times.

There was also a little blue truck. But, not just any truck. It's the loudest car toy ever! Brendon was very excited, as you can see.  He used to run this truck up and down the halls of Gus and Kim's house and they graciously sent it to us so that Owen can experience the same joy~ (Can you say, PAYBACK?)  The toy is loud, but I love seeing in his room. I reminds me of when I'd see it in James' room. We had so much fun with Kim and Gus and can't wait to live near them again!

 Easter~ Owen woke up to find his basket full of special treats from the Easter Bunny.

 He eventually looked at the books, but was completely happy just shaking the Easter eggs!

He also got his first haircut.  I know what you're thinking.... he's already bald. What's there to cut? Yes, his hair is very very short. But, he had some crazy 2+ inch long hairs sticking up in the back, so we just gave him a little buzz to even it up.  Maybe by his 2nd birthday he'll actually have enough hair to need a real haircut!

 Much better!

 After church, we went to the Campbell's house for Easter lunch and egg hunting. We all had such a great time!  Owen sat in the grass while the big boys hunted eggs.

He's learning and trying all kinds of new things lately.  He loved loved loved getting to eat a real cookie! 

And, he's become quite good at hiding under the bed.  After looking for him for about a minute.  (Doesn't sound like long, but it's a really long time when you can't find your baby!) I heard his sweet little voice and realized he was hiding under the bed.  The cat he had been chasing was long gone, but he decided to hang out under there for a while. Silly boy! 

So much has been going on around here and I can't wait to share more with you. I've finished making all the decorations for Owen's party {and finished off all of the M&Ms that go in the decorative jars. So, I'll post a picture once I've restocked the candy jar} There will be lots more pictures coming soon. 


  1. Whatcha doin with that bucket of yarn by the couch?

  2. It's for Pom Poms! --- Decorations for Owenator's bday party.