Sunday, May 8, 2011

975 Pictures in 7 Days

975 pictures in 7 days

Yes, we've been having LOTS of fun! (And, I've got lots of sorting to do in iPhoto)  In those 975 pictures, we have had 2 sets of house guests, a 1st birthday, a trip to the zoo, a birthday party, and Mother's day.  It's been a great week!  I'll be posting more about all the festivities, but for now.... I'll start with Mother's Day.  

Last year, we had a 5 day old baby. Which means we were sleep deprived, completely clueless, and so much in love.  

One year later, we have the sweetest little boy I've ever met.  I got to sleep in and take a nap.  (I'm actually so well rested that it's currently 12:47AM and I decided to blog) We're very much settled into our roles as Mommy and Daddy....still clueless.  And, even more in love! 

I've been spoiled today by my guys.  In addition to sleeping in and taking a nap, we went out to lunch with our wonderful friends, Jessica and David.  It was so much fun spending Mother's day with them.  I got a new necklace with baby Owen's initial and a heart.  A cookbook all about cakes. Plus, Brendon surprised me with a BeAcH CrUiSeR with a seat for Owen, too!

I've been drooling over them ever since Brendon got his Trek, a year ago.  Anytime we're in a store that sells bikes, I check to see if they have a beach cruiser that I like.  My requests are quite simple... comfy seat, baby bike chair, a sweet basket in the front, and a color that I like.  I finally found this one and it's so beautiful.  I was shocked when Brendon wheeled it out for me.  Owen was completely excited to ride, too! 

Mother's Day makes me so thankful.  
Thankful for a husband that loves me, provides for our family, leads us and loves us. 
A baby boy that makes our family more complete and fills our lives with joy. 
And, a wonderful mom that showed me how to be the best mom I can be. 

 It doesn't get much better than this! 


  1. so sweet! I just love reading about your life! you are such a positive person and because you appreciate everything so much I think you are rewarded with even more and you are so deserving of that!

  2. 12:47am?? Thats when Romeo and Juliet were supposed to meet!! LOL :) xoxo Friar Tuck

  3. Rylina- Writing it down really does make me appreciate the small stuff more, too! Thanks for reading :O)

    Jess- So funny that you remembered that! I love our R&J movie--- we're amazing!

  4. Hi - love the bike! What sort of baby seat is that? I'm looking for one for my beach cruiser, but none seem to fit. Thanks!

    1. It's a Bell Classic Child Carrier. Worked perfectly for the cruiser and fit Owen until he was big enough to ride on his own!