Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's Get Ready to PaRtY!!!!!!

Let's Get Ready to PaRtY

Owen's 1st birthday celebration was exhausting perfect! In the weeks leading up to his big day, I spent hours and hours researching decorations for the house, cake designs, and finding birthday themed decorations that I'll use for years to come.  It was so much fun, but hard to keep a secret from my blog.  I know I let a few ideas out of the bag, but for the most part, I kept my ideas on the down low until his big day. 

So, without further ado..... Here are the pictures of Owen's birthday celebration {Part 1} 

 Expect daily posts of the festivities because there are simply too many things to blog about for one post. 

The girls at Eighteen25 created the Subway Art specifically for Owen. Just kidding--They did create the art, but it was just released at a very convenient time for the party. 

The Pickle Jar Project was there idea too.  Isn't Eighteen25 the best?!?  I filled the jars with M&Ms and refilled the jars after we ate them all. 

Add in a wreath full of WAY too many balloons and I have decorations that will be used for all the birthdays in the Herbeck house :O)

I updated my Frame For All Seasons with "ONE" for our big 1 year old.  

While I was collecting decorations, they took over the dining room table. 

And, Owen enjoyed digging around in the boxes. 

That's one cute little Zoo Keeper! 

I found the idea for making PomPoms from yarn.  The idea was great.  The cost was under $10 (after combining several coupons and in-store sales).  And, it wasn't hard to make at all.  Especially considering the fact that Brendon made 98% of the PomPoms.  Yes, he did!  I was running out of hours in the day, so he took over the PomPom assembly line in exchange for uninterrupted Lightning Hockey game watching time.  His friends docked him "50 man points" once they saw what he was doing.  hahaha I completely appreciated it! 

Here is a picture of my part of the PomPom decorations. I braided 20 feet of yarn, which is not as easy as it sounds.  My braid was turning into a huge knot. So, I divided the sections of yarn and put them into Ziplocks.  Then, braided--- the baggies keep the yard from tangling. Genius! 

Once the house, was full of decorations.  I spend a day cleaning before our house guests arrived.  It took an entire day to clear the dining room table of all my projects. Doesn't it look nice when it's clean?  I'm sure the table is wondering when I'll be filling it with papers, glue, my Silhouette, and all my other crafting supplies again. 

Very soon, dining room table, very soon!  It will be full of scrapbook supplies for the next few weeks, as I finish Owen's 1st year scrapbook. 

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