Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frame for all seasons *Update*

In my search to find Easter decorations, I've been looking for ornaments to hang in my Frame for All Seasons.  

St. Patty's shamrocks were easy to find....

And, after a trip to Tubb's Hardware with Brendon, we had Mardi Gras decorations, too.

Easter ornaments, however, were much more difficult to find.   I wanted pastel colors, glitter, and a cute little bunny. But, everything I found was either too small, too dull, or too bland. So, I decided to make my own! I bought the 2 eggs---They were actually floral picks, but I cut off the wooden stick to make them a perfect ornament.  The bunny started off the color of cardboard. I painted the back and sides blue to match the ribbon and then painted the bunny face.

It took several attempts to get the face to look like an actual bunny.  This is my first try--- everything was going well until it was time to apply the whiskers.  :O( Can you say "lop-sided"?

I think the final product turned out great! 
I found aqua ribbon at Hancock Fabrics. I think it looks even better with two ribbons. 


  1. Your frames all look so good! I bought the same shamrock for St. Patrick's Day and thought I'd get something else to go with it but never did. I'll have to finish that one next year. :) Your bunny is so cute too, you did a great job painting it! Thanks for sharing the link with me.

  2. I love it!!! I tried to draw a bunny face the other day and mine looked funny as well i'm going to use your bunny as my inspiration!

  3. Love your Easter presentation. Did you use your silohoutte machiine? I bought some Easter decorations at Walmarts yesterday, the kind you put in the Easter Baskets. I thought I would make a wreath with them, when I get over this mess.

  4. NOw that is a great idea! YOu could have used your silhoutte machine for the bunny face! Meam is so good!