Saturday, June 11, 2011

When I should have been sleeping...

I was up late last night.  Too late.  But, it was worth it!  

This is one of my favorite bags.  It was a gift from my friend, Ashley, for being in her wedding.  I love the monogramming and that I think of her {and how much fun we had living together in college} each time I carry it.  

Pre-baby... I would throw my wallet, phone, and a water bottle in and be off and running. But, now that leaving the house (even for the shortest errand) requires diapers, wipes, a changing pad, snacks, a sippy cup, plus the wallet, phone, and water---- it's a disaster area!!! Everything falls to the bottom and since it doesn't have any large pockets it was in need of an overhaul. 

So, I created a lining that I sewed into the bag.   It has elastic straps around the perimeter that keep all the "things" from falling to the bottom. 

I'm quite proud of it!  As I looked into the new bag, I noticed that the diapers and wipes were taking up a lot of space.  Problem solved... I made new ones!  I remembered seeing cute zippered pouches at a very nice {overpriced} baby boutique that would be perfect.  So, I made a set for myself!  Tonight, I'll just brag, but tomorrow I'll post a tutorial so you can make them as well. 


  1. You are so talented, Brittany! I love organization, which is why SB's bag has soooooo many pockets. The diapers and wipes cases are cute too! I still haven't learned to put in a zipper yet, but it's on my list of things to do.

  2. I love how that fabric keeps going, and going, and going, and going. . . .

  3. Thanks, Brandi!

    Alicia, the fabric is officially DONE! When I finished this project, I used up the very last piece of Owen's bedroom fabrics. :O)

  4. this bag is so awesome!! I'm telling my pregnant friend about it now and she loves the pouches. (she's diaper bag shopping).