Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Great Surprise

Two great surprises from the hubby! 

Just the other day, I called Brendon and asked him to stop by the store on his way home to pick up some cheese. Not only did he bring home cheese--- he brought home beautiful roses too!  

My second surprise was delivered via DVR.  Last Saturday, while I was at a friend's baby shower, he found a show called Sarah 101 and started recording the series for me.  It's one of those small things that he does for me that I love.  He knows how much I love home decor shows and especially the designer Sarah Richardson.  I've seen every episode of her show Sarah's House and the spin off Sarah's Cabin.  I couldn't wait to watch the first episode of Sarah 101--- Brendon even watched it with me! 

Jackpot! Only 22 minutes into the first show and we've already found a little DIY project for our house. We both thought this wall clock was awesome! 

We did a little searching and found out that the clock Sarah bought was $65, ouch! "Internet-window shopping" at was nice, but the prices at were much prettier.  We bought a clock with the same look for $28!

This wall was begging for something snazzy!

I didn't want to copy Sarah's clock, so I looked at hundreds of fonts. Seriously, Kevin & Amanda's Blog has oodles of free fonts.  But, in the end, the fonts Sarah chose were great--- why reinvent the wheel, right? I found almost all of the fonts that matched hers, plus I added a few of my favorites for three, nine and ten o'clock. 

Maybe I'll be on time more often since I have this beautiful clock to look at! 


  1. I love Sarah Richardson too! Why am I not surprised that we can be miles away form each other and still watch the same TV shows. I want to buy a dump house and want Sarah to come and redo it! But if she can't come I'll hire you!

  2. Ashley~ That's so awesome that we both watch Sarah! I sometimes watch Beverly Hills 90210 just to remember our days together :O)

  3. Ooh that's really cool! And Owen will learn to spell his numbers by seeing them on the wall.

  4. Thanks, Andrea! I thought the same thing... the elementary school teacher in me loves to label. As long as I've had my Silhouette, I've been fighting the urge to label everything that sits still. :O)