Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jessica's Baby Shower - Decor

Making baby shower decorations has been my part-time job for the past two months.  Keeping them a secret from Jessica (and the blog & Pinterest) has been almost impossible. But, the surprise was well worth all the work!

Here are pictures of lots of the little details.... 

Handmade Diaper Wreath {Tutorial to come soon}

I replaced Jessica's kitchen towel decorations with a super soft baby blanket and made a little welcome sign out of ties. 

Garland was a perfect touch over the windows.  I used scrapbook papers that coordinated with the nursery decor. Plus, I made the baby onesies and the owl designs using my Silhouette software. 

The ribbon garland was placed over the kitchen window. 

The large garland decorated the dining room window. 

And the most fun of all.... Garland made from real baby onesies!  The ties and bowties are made out of ribbon. 

There were lots of ladies there to celebrate, so we set up 3 main eating tables. Each table had a different centerpiece. 

The baby bouquet {Tutorial here}

Diaper cake with matching ribbon {Tutorial here}

And, desserts as decorations!  {I sat at this table...yum}

Just for fun, I made little tiny mustaches for the guys pictures... hehehe
(The frame on the left is her mom & dad and her husband's picture is the frame on the right)

The Remarkable Home blog had so many great ideas for a Little Man baby shower.  That was my inspiration for the Keep Calm and Grow On sign. 

We all wore bowtie name tags and the clothes pins were passed out for one of the games. 

Her house is huge and had lots of space to decorate.  Repeating the theme colors throughout the house was what really made each room feel fully decorated.  

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  1. you did such a great job Brit! I love that your creativity gene was in full swing! :)