Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big news!

I'm back! 
Although...technically, I never left.  
I just decided to take little breaks from the blog while B's deployed.  
This past "little break" may have turned into a month long break...oops!  

I'm happy to say that the past 6 and a half weeks have flown by.  While each day is still lots of work and I am pretty much exhausted by bedtime, the deployment is cruising along.  I've worked very hard to make sure that life, schedules, playdates, and home cooked dinners have all stayed close-enough to the same. 

I did, however, feel like quite the scrooge when I didn't put up Valentine's Day decorations and my St. Patty's decorations are still in the storage container.   In theory, it's not a lot of work to decorate for the holidays, but somehow I go in that closet to bring out one little box of decorations... and 5 hours later, I've reorganized the linen closets, repacked every box of Christmas ornaments, sorted through Owen's clothes and rearranged a room full of furniture. It's a classic case of "Give a Mouse a Cookie Syndrome" and I have it BAD!  I learned in the first week of B's deployment that staying up until 1AM or later earlier would not work for our new living arrangement.   So, for now, the decorations will say in their poorly packed storage boxes and I'll look forward to displaying them next year. 

Next year, when I pull those decorations out--- we'll be in a new house!  

The Air Force is moving us to 
this summer! 

I'm so excited I could just squeal... which I did yesterday when B told me.  We have absolutely loved living in Louisiana and can't wait to see what's in store for us at our next base.  

As for now, I'm really going to have to fight the urge to stay up late researching neighborhoods, driving around town on Google Maps, looking for houses, and mapping out all of my favorite stores.  
Just to calm your fears--- I have  already found out that there IS a Hobby Lobby. Thank you, Lord! Even if it is w-a-y across town from where we'd prefer to live, I'll take it!  

Now, I just have to learn to live without Chick-fil-a {gasp}


  1. I'm glad you guys finally got Las Vegas, i know B has been itching to go there for oh say EVER!! lol

  2. Seriously, they have a Hobby Lobby?! That is new!!!! Lucky!!!! Call me anytime for tips and areas to live!!!

  3. I should be excited for you, but I'm extremely sad. The Three Musketeers will be broken up. What will do without Owen? What will we do without you? I am happy that you are happy though.

  4. I'd have to second Brandi's entire message! TEAR!! Tear tear!! But very happy Brendan has gotten that position, I know y'all are thrilled! New adventures, new friends, new memories! Just know you will all be missed when the time comes and you will ALWAYS have a home to stay here in Louisiana when your ready to come back! ; ) now until then we've got lots of fun to be had!!

  5. Congrats Brittany and Brendan! So happy for you guys! I too am lucky to have a Hobby Lobby but bummed because we don't have a Chick Fila. It is hard, very hard, but every time we take a road trip, John has given in and allowed me to stop at Chick fila at every meal if we can. And I definitely did this December on my way to Florida :) Congrats again on Vegas! That is so exciting!I know you guys were really wanting to move there next and so happy it worked out for you guys!