Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So I don't forget...

I had no plans of blogging about Owen every single day. That's just the theme for the week because he has so many big accomplishments going on right now. And, I don't want to forget these memories.  I'll get back to the The Sock Monkey Party posts and a big one about Mom and Dad's visit as soon as Owen stops leaping through OVER so many milestones! 

Brendon and I caught Owen climbing out of his crib today
Yes, the two of us --- Me in person and Brendon via Skype.  
We were talking on Skype while Owen was supposed to be napping. {Ironically, we were talking about waiting to put him in a toddler bed}  I heard a thud followed by a door opening and closing.  My mind immediately went to the worst possible scenario... an ax murderer just let himself into our house and I was going to die. {Can you tell B's been gone for a long time and I've been watching too much Law & Order SVU?}  Anyway, B talked me off that cliff and I walked into the living room with my computer in hand. Brendon and I scanned the empty room. I was beginning to think that I was losing my mind until I heard it again. I walked to Owen's door and turned the computer so that B could also see the door. Owen was quite surprised to open the door and see both his parents looking at him.  Caught by Daddy, even if he is thousands of miles away.

He smiled, said "Hi Daddy" and went back to playing in his room.  It's a fun deployment memory and I'm so glad that we have technology that lets Brendon be so involved.  

After we caught our little climber, I put him back in his bed and asked him to do it again.  We tried leaving the computer in his room, but he wasn't going to show Daddy how he got out of the crib. After we signed off Skype, I asked Owen to do it again and he jumped out with ease.  

It wasn't a fluke... the toddler bed is definitely in our future.

I kept Owen up-- no nap, no early bedtime.  We went to a local consignment shop to look for a crib rail but they didn't have any.  It took a trip to 3 more stores to find one.... it's not pretty. But, it will work for tonight and tomorrow we'll be making a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy fabric for a slipcover.  

While we were out shopping, we stopped for dinner at McAlister's.  Owen was ready for dinner, but too tired to feed himself.  He sat there {with eyes glazed over} saying, "hungry."  I actually had to spoon feed him his dinner. 

It gave him just the extra amount of energy he needed to make it through gymnastics and back home.  As soon as we were home, I started working to remove the front rail from his crib, install the guard rail and get him ready for bed.  

We've spent the entire afternoon talking about how he needs to choose to stay in his big boy bed at night.   We said our prayers, "please, Lord, help Owen sleep in his big boy bed!" {Owen even repeated it and it melted my heart}

Then, the time had come... bed time. 

I was prepared for the fight.  Just a few weeks earlier, I attempted the toddler bed and it was a disaster, so I was ready this time.  Baby gate, door knob locks, I was even dressed in my pjs incase I had to camp out. 

I tucked him in and started rubbing his back. He laid there on his belly with his arms up near his face and within a minute... he was snoring!  O-U-T like a light.  

Thank you, Lord, for answering our prayers!

Tomorrow morning, I will be making good on my word--- taking Owen out for breakfast and a shopping trip for new pjs... 

because big boys can't sleep in baby pajamas!

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  1. That's just like Owen to transition so easily to a big boy bed. What will we do without our little rock?