Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby #2 at 27 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 23 pounds - Honestly, I can't believe that number isn't higher! I've spent the week eating Owen's leftover birthday party cupcakes. Despite the sweets, I've gained the exact same amount this pregnancy that I did at this point with Owen. 

Cravings:  Bagels, cereal, breakfast foods in general.  I'm sure that being tired has a lot to do with my food choices - Breakfast is much faster and easier to prepare than our regular dinner meals. Plus, Owen is completely happy to eat eggs for dinner!

Maternity Clothes: My newer maternity clothes are getting tight. They still fit, but wiggle room I once had is now gone.

Belly Button: It gone! My innie-belly button is now completely flat and feels so weird. 

Movement: The baby moves all day long. I usually feel extra wiggles and kicks shortly after I eat--- maybe it's all the sugar from the cupcakes! He moves mostly on my right side, which is the same spot I always felt Owen. I think that's so funny that they'd both decide to kick on the same side! He gets the hiccups way more than Owen, or maybe I've just realized the difference between the types of movements more this time. 

Big Brother News: Owen talks with us about the baby all the time and has even agreed to let him play with his trains once he's born! There is no other toy in the world that Owen loves more than his trains, so offering up a engine to the baby is earth shaking!

Nesting: I've organized every closet in the house and now I'm starting to work on the nursery. B has been assembling furniture like crazy since we came home from Ikea in California. He made a sewing desk for me... which is perfect and will get tons of use once I start making the baby bedding and curtains. It's also my first step in taking over the "man cave" mmwahahah! 

He and Owen assembled the changing table for the baby's room and it looks so nice in the room! 

Last weekend, when Jessica and David came to visit, they gave us our CRIB! We had a great dark brown crib for Owen, but I wanted to use a white crib this time. I've looked tons of places, but never really loved anything. Then, Jessica and David sent us a picture of a crib they found and it's perfect! It would have been assembled moments after they hauled it in the house, but we have a huge king size mattress in the room right now and I'm hoping to get it out within the next week or two. The big box around the crib is torturing me! 

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  1. How fun! I wish we were closer by so we could join in on the nesting too. That is huge news that Owen is willing to share his trains. BIG NEWS! Start thinking about a date for your "long-distance" baby shower that we discussed. Diana and I will get on that ASAP.