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Baby #2 on Delivery Day {Part 2}

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Luke's Birth Story {Part 2}

We arrived at the hospital at 9:15am, parked in the Expectant Mothers Reserved Parking spot {Which is not close enough to the front of the hospital... if I do say so myself. I'm having a baby here and that spot, even though it's reserved, is still a pretty good trek in from the entrance!}  I remember thinking how weird it was going to be the next time I walked out into the parking lot and no longer had a baby in my belly. I stopped to breathe through a contraction and B took a picture of the sign while he was waiting with me. 

We left all the bags in the car, just incase they didn't admit me.  I was genuinely worried that I would be sent home. {We have a friend that was sent home from this hospital while in labor and ended up having her baby in the car... yup, you read that right, in the car!} So, I was fully prepared for them to tell me that the contractions, that I now thought were the real-thing, were in fact just Braxton Hicks or that I was still 3cm dilated, like I'd been for weeks. I did NOT want to do the walk of shame back to the car carrying my overnight bag, camera bag, Boppy pillow, and all the other random things we brought with us.  

We entered the Labor and Delivery floor and found a desk full of smiling nurses. One walked around the counter, like a concierge at a hotel, and directed me to my room.  She didn't even ask my name.  I had a slight moment of panic when I thought, Maybe I'm taking another pregnant mom's room! What if the L&D doors burst open and a screaming, contracting, actually-in-labor mom comes barreling around the corner in a wheelchair ready to pop? I wasn't screaming, my water didn't break, and I walked in dressed like it was just another day.... I was sure that I was about to be kicked out. But, as it turns out, my midwife is just that awesome and she had the staff prepare the room, pull my chart, and they had all been expecting me.  Now the pressure was really on... I better be in labor!

I delivered at Mike O'Callaghan Federal Hospital on Nellis Air Force Base, so my nurse introduced her self as Lieutenant Simpson.  I had to ask her for her first name because it felt so weird to address her using her rank and last name. After all she is the nurse that would help deliver my baby... let's be on a first name basis! She handed me a sea foam green gown and a pair of super stylish one-size-fits-all socks. My favorite part of the outfit was the logo on the front of the gown that read "Property of the 99th Medical Group" --- I wasn't sure if it was there for as a little Air Force Team Spirit or because they thought I'd be tempted to steal it.  

I changed clothes and somehow accidentally pulled the emergency call cord in the bathroom. Before I even realized that I'd done it, a nurse came running into the bathroom ready to rescue me. I stared at her from the toilet -- she came in so quickly and looked so concerned that it scared me. {In the back of my mind, I was thinking I was being kicked out of the room--- Oh no! The lady that was actually in labor must have just arrived!} I felt like a fool after she explained the issue and for the remainder of my stay at the hospital I was cautious around that emergency call cord. 

My midwife came in the room, connected me to the monitors and checked my cervix. She told me I was now 6cm dilated and having very consistent moderate contractions! She praised me for laboring so long at home. Brendon gave me the "I told you so" glance and I was officially admitted. Now I felt like a fool --- I would have had this baby a home if I hadn't listened to him! Clearly that whole mother's intuition thing wasn't working for me since I wasn't even completely convinced that I was in labor. My contractions felt more like period cramps and I was expecting some sort of crippling pain. 

They quickly escalated and the room started to feel like a pressure cooker. The nurse checked the AC and despite being set on 55 degrees, I was so hot. The temperature in the room was not actually 55 degrees, but also probably wasn't as hot for everyone else as it was for me. On top of having contractions every 3 minutes, the lab tech had spent a solid 15 minutes sticking me in the hand trying to draw blood and insert an IV. I'm not afraid of needles or blood, but watching my arm swell each time she attempted the blood draw really made me nervous and the pool of blood she mopped up from the floor was a little nerve-racking! A second nurse came in to rescue my arm and inserted the IV for me on her first try. I cooled down after that. They also brought in lots of ice water and a popsicle!  I was so excited to see that frozen treat --- Take that gestational diabetes, I get to eat a popsicle while in labor!

Everything went so quickly after my IV was inserted. I knew I wanted an epidural so the anesthesiologist came in to explain the procedure and sign some paper work. Listening to the possible side effects was really fun and for a moment made me question why I was getting it, but then a nice long hard contraction rolled in and I decided to go for it.  The doctor was still waiting for my labs to be returned before he could do the procedure for the epidural when my midwife checked me again. I was at 8cm and my water still had not broke. She said if she broke my water now this baby would be here in no time. The anesthesiologist must have sensed my fear of pushing without the epidural because he had been standing right outside my door and immediately came in to start the procedure. I felt like a champ when the nurse bragged to him that I was at an 8 and almost ready to have the baby, but still hadn't had any pain medication at all.  The epidural was wonderful.... one quick and awkward poke in the back and I immediately felt relief. The hardest part was leaning into my pillow during the contractions. I was so thankful that Brendon was there with me.  As soon as it was in place, I leaned back in the bed and was ready. I was able to move my legs on my own and move around in the bed a little. My midwife broke my water and told me that the baby must belong to the milkman because he has a full head of dark hair.  I couldn't believe it! Owen have so bald for so long that a baby with hair seemed so funny to me. I couldn't wait to meet him. 

Minutes later, I was ready to push. Brendon was on my left and my nurse on the right. She counted for each set of pushes and Brendon held my leg and encouraged me. In the moment, everything felt so slow even though it was moving very quickly. The room was so quiet but I felt like I could hear every movement, shuffle, and sway around me. It seemed crowded even though there were only 2 nurses and my midwife in the room with us. I guess it's just one of those moments in life that is so exciting and terrifying and full of anticipation that it's hard to take in. Brendon knew the exact things to say to comfort me.  As a tear ran down my cheek, he leaned in, gave me a kiss on the head, and whispered, "You've got this, babe." That's one of those moments I never want to forget. I couldn't ask for a better husband and our boys have the best Daddy. On top of knowing the right thing to say to calm me down, Brendon makes everything fun. He turned birthing a baby into a competition... with myself!  He really wanted me to beat my pushing record. With Owen I pushed 9 times and for Luke's delivery it only took 3 pushes!

Luke was born at 12:37pm. Weighing 7 pounds, 12 ounces and 21 inches long.

He cried once and was very quiet after that. 
He sucked his thumb immediately.
His Apgar score was a 9.
He had lots of hair and it has a hint of red, just like Mommy's.
He was a beautiful smooth pink color.
His head was so small and perfectly round.
He loved the warming lamp, but hated his bath.

Brendon stayed right by his side --- diapering, bathing, and admiring him. We all got our LoJack bands, which is a security band that we all wear so they know we belong together. It would make me laugh every time they mentioned his LoJack band because to me it sounds like the name of a car alarm.  They also gave him a second band with a code for his medical records.  That number is now ingrained into my memory after checking it so many times. I'll give the run down of his medical exams in the next post, in case you are curious.  

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  1. 3 pushes? Period cramps? Small head? I am so jealous of you right now! I pushed for an hour and a half with both of mine and wait until we come to LV and you see how big JD's head is! But, seriously, tears came to my eyes when I read your praises of Brendon. Sounded so much like Adam during delivery. We caught the good ones, didn't we!