Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Luke @ 5 Months Old

On Christmas day, Luke turned 5 months old!  

This past month has been full of so many firsts for Luke --- Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the fun traditions that go with those special days, plus new foods, sleeping at night when he feels like it, rolling from back to front, and doctors appointments.   

Here he is on his first Thanksgiving! 

He loved watching Brendon and Owen squeeze our orange juice for breakfast... even if he didn't get to drink any of it. 

Doctors visits have filled our calendar --- One extremely un-fun ER visit on Thanksgiving eve for a mastitis infection for momma,  a physical for B, ear infection re-checks for Owen (thankfully they've cleared and he's back to normal), and two check-ups for Luke.  We've kept the Nellis Hospital in business this month!

Luke visited the doctor for his 4 month checkup (a few weeks late) and got his second round of shots.  His growth has dropped off his growth curve so the doctor recommended that we start baby food to try to beef him up.  

*Update: Since I'm writing this two weeks late, I can give you an update .... He went back to the doctor for his weight check on January 3rd and had gained 1 pound in the past month! Little guy loved his food and the doctor recommended sticking with the one grain + 2 new foods each week to help add to his diet. 

He got 4 vaccines during his 4 month well baby appointment and was really unhappy about it. But, those shots didn't keep him from smiling! We could tell that he felt horrible all day, but as usual as soon as we'd make eye contact with him, his face would light up with a huge smile!  He took a LONG nap after the shots and fell asleep before 6pm for the next two days.

Luke's second doctors appointment this month was to the cardiologist.  This appointment went perfectly -- His murmur has gone away!  He does still have a small natural hole in his heart that will be monitored until he's 2 years old. It's not uncommon for it to take up to 2 years to close. Even if it didn't, his limitations would be minimal --- for example, he wouldn't be able to scuba dive. But, if that's the worst of it then I think we're good! 

Luke ate his first solids! 

He LOVED cereal --- his first bite was greeted with a smile and he quickly began to like this new meal he gets each day.  He eats his one baby food meal each evening and is quickly carried upstair to the bathtub.  I'm not sure how the food gets spread so far --- all over him, in his eyelashes, his ears, and on anything that's within this reach.  Owen's spot at the table looks perfectly clean when compared to Luke's booster seat {and chair, and floor, and clothes, and sometimes even Momma wears the food too.  Seriously, it's like a party at the dinner table each night!}

We did find the one thing that Luke won't smile at .... green veggies! If they're green, he doesn't like 'em. 

Peas: Yuck!

Green Beans: Oh no, not those! 

Avocado:  No thanks --- what else can I have? 

We'll just keep trying until he decides his likes them.  So far he has really enjoyed... bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, squash, peaches, mango, yogurt, prunes and pears.  His diapers are certainly changing, but the new diet hasn't upset his belly at all. 

For Christmas, Luke even got to enjoy a special meal with us at the table. Nothing says Christmas like sweet potatoes and rice cereal!  I don't think it smelled anywhere near as good as our dinner, but at least he liked it :O) 

This past month, Luke met Santa 4 times! (That's got to be some sort of record. Right?!) His favorite Santa was the one that came to our house during our playgroup Christmas party.  

Luke got his very own Christmas card from Aunt Lori and Uncle Doug.  Owen understood the $10 bill, but Luke preferred the picture of Clark and Clara! 

And, of course, we took about 2,000 pictures of the boys during all this fun! {No. Really. We somehow took 2,026 photos between November 25 and December 25th}   I'll try to post more of our Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years pictures in the next few days.   

Can you tell who is who?

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