Saturday, August 2, 2014

Luke is ONE!

Luke is 1 --- ONE!!! 

It just doesn't seem possible that our sweet, sleeping, snuggly baby is now a walking, squawking, playing toddler. 

Everyday, I see more and more clearly how true this statement is...

  Here's a look back at Luke's first 12 months.  I can see the mischievous, independent, smart, life of the party, will do anything to make you laugh, little boy was in there right from the start and I'm so thankful that God chose me to be his Momma!  

Our little boy is getting BIG!

At his 1 year check up, Luke was 22 pounds 10 ounces (47th Percentile) and 29.33 inches tall (35th Percentile).  We feel like he's SO big.  He's a full inch taller than Owen was at 1 year and he's always being called "Big Fella" and "Solid" by people we meet.  We were really surprised to find that he's right in the middle of the growth chart.  I'm glad I don't have to pay the grocery bill for the kids on the higher end of the growth chart because this guy eats more than a preschooler! Seriously, he eats more than Owen  {{Sigh}}  He hasn't cut any teeth, but that's not slowing him down. 

He even eats his toes! 

Oh, the cuteness! 

And, the mischief!  Yes, that's where we found him... UNDER the bed!  You can't take your eyes off this guy for a minute! 

I mean it... He's figured out a way to escape the baby gate, open the door latch on the baby gate, and spent several minutes more than the average baby's attention span trying to figure out the childproof cabinet locks!

Luke is a busy guy --- always looking for the next thing to figure out! He's had lots of opportunities to see and do new things this month.  It's been a busy month full of celebrations, travel, and lots of shopping trips to Hobby Lobby to prepare for his birthday party! 

The boys loved seeing the Flamingos, fish and ducks at the Flamingo Hotel.  

Brendon and I went to the 14A Weapons School Graduation, while the boys stayed at the Flamingo (or "in the city" as Owen would say!) with our babysitter. She watched our boys and our friends' kids, Grayson and Adelyn, while all the adults went to the event.  

Everyone had a fun night - Adults and kids! We came back to the room to find all the babies sleeping! 
* It cracked us up that Owen was clinging to the edge while Grayson slept diagonally across the queen size bed! 

Brendon was able to take a few days off after graduation, so we went to Arizona for the 4th of July weekend.  The boys loved playing at PlayGrounds with Bryce and Kyle! 

Brendon and I took Kyle out for a morning of shopping at Target while Bryce went to the dentist. 

We couldn't believe that all three car seats fit in our car and that we made it through the entire shopping trip without any tears! 

Jessica and David knew we'd be great babysitters... because we're awesome parents! Only the best parents let their kid walk around with his underwear on his head... and take pictures... and then post them on the internet. Boom! We're blowing this parenting thing out of the water! 

Luke loved playing with Kyle and practiced walking.

We watched the 4th of July fireworks at Luke Air Force Base with the Rapers. 

We took these pictures before we all started melting --- it was SO hot, even after the sun set.

Luke cooled down by pulling all the baby wipes out of the container and rubbing them on his head, my head, and Kyle's head. It kept him busy for a long time! He stayed awake for all the fireworks and really seemed to enjoy them. 

The next day, we took all the boys to the Home Depot Kids Workshop and made a bug box. 

Luke didn't get to do any construction, but he did a great job modeling Wood Glue!

Owen and Bryce made their bug boxes and went hunting for bugs that evening. They also really enjoyed the Matchbox Car Wash that Jessica set up for them! 

We went back to reality after the holiday, with an extra full car.   I had to play a little game of Trunk-Tetris (in 110 degree temps at noon) so that I could fit my new embroidery machine in the car, but it was worth the sweat!  I would have stayed out there all day to figure out a way to bring that beauty home. 

We then spent 3 days rearranging every single room in the house to make room for the new machine.  I'm so happy with my new "MomCave" and have had so much fun embroidering gifts, party favors, and shirts!   I did have a slight HUGE meltdown when the machine was finally unpacked, set up and .... BROKEN!  Before sewing a single stitch, I realized that the machine was not calibrating correctly and the software wasn't updated.  The new broken {grrr} machine took a trip to JoAnn's and lived there for the next sad sad week.  Once I couldn't stand another minute without the machine, I camped out at JoAnn's until they gave me a replacement machine.  That one has been running like a dream! I can't wait to post pictures of all my creations.  I'm so excited the have an embroidery machine of my own!

The rest of the month was filled with just as much excitement.  

We surprised Daddy with a water balloon attack!

Went hunting for flies! 

Played with water in the kitchen sink... and the back yard, too!

Both boys had so much fun at, their friend, Landon's birthday party.  Luke climbed through all the tunnels and stairs just like Big Brother!  

To top off a great month, we celebrated Luke's first birthday!  Can you tell how excited he is?!?! 

Our family, plus Jessica, David, Kyle & Bryce, went to dinner and movie.  That's not what all 1 year olds do to celebrate their first year? 

Ok, we know it wasn't the most 1 year old friendly activity, but it sure was fun for the entire group to watch "Planes: Fire and Rescue" at the drive in.   Luke surprised us by staying up for the ENTIRE movie!!! He didn't go to sleep until 10PM and was partying the entire length of the movie.  I don't think he actually watched a minute of the movie.  Instead, he played with the windshield wipers, pressed the radio buttons, adjusted the volume, and danced around the front seats of the car.  He had a blast!

Who wouldn't want this as the backdrop for a night at the movies?!

We had a big day planned for Saturday --- Luke's Handyman Birthday Party!!!  He helped me make the cakes.  He must have known that something delicious was in his future because he stayed in that spot watching the entire time I prepared and baked the cakes. 

Luke's 1st Birthday Post will be coming soon.... 

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  1. I love those boys so much!!!! Happy Birthday to Luke and I am so happy for you about your new machine! A little jealous, but happy. ;)