Sunday, February 1, 2015

I'm back... Because the Super Bowl is on!

Super Bowl XLIX is on right now!
 And, that means one thing... I've got lots of time on my hands.  
I'm a good sport.  I'll eat veggies with ranch and tune in for the commercials, but blogging sounds like a lot more fun!  Plus, we've made it past the halftime show, so I'm sure some of you are looking online for some new reading material, too.  

I'll come back later to give you an update on what we've been up to for the past 6 months.  Today, I'll just show you my Super Bowl Sunday project.  It's a Super Simple Spring Wreath!  
{Did you pick up on that?!} 

6 Months ago, Brendon surprised me with this awesome mirrored cabinet.  I LOVED it!  
I just didn't know how to decorate it.  This week, I picked up a chair from my friend that matches perfectly and really fits the space. 

Last night, I decided to start shopping around the house to find items that would pull a little more color into the dining room.  I stole a pillow from our bed and the yellow lampshade from our bedroom side table. I found an old vase we've had tucked away in the Harry Potter Closet and garage sale votive holder. They all looked great together -- Just one thing was missing.  A wreath!! 

I scrounged through my craft closet and found a grapevine wreath and 9 inches of ribbon {Yes, I keep scraps of everything!}.  All that I needed was a little greenery.  So, I conned the guys into going to Michaels this morning to buy some artificial flowers and ended up finding these adorable burlap flowers too.  Everything was on sale so the wreath only cost me $5.50!!!! 

Making the wreath took about 10 minutes... no really, it did! 

Step 1: Bend the artificial flower bouquet in half so it would cover almost half of the wreath. 

Step 2: Shove the stem into the grapevine wreath and cover with hot glue. 

Step 3: Wrap the ribbon and hot glue in place. 

Step 4: Use 1/2 a hot glue gun stick to attach the burlap flowers... Those babies aren't going anywhere!

Step 5:  Cut a "leaf" out of the burlap ribbon. Pinch in half and glue in the empty spaces. 


By the end of the 10 minutes, I'd used every-single-bit of my supplies. This is all I have left - scraps and nub of hot glue. 

 It turned out better than I even imagined and the dining room looks so cozy now! 

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