Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hooded Bath Towel and Washcloths Tutorial

My friend should have finally received her bath set gift in the mail, so I can now publish my Hooded Bath Towel and Washcloth Tutorial --- She follows my blog and I didn't want to spoil the surprise on such a cute gift!

To make the washcloths, you'll need terry cloth (or Minky Dot Fabric) and a decorative flannel fabric.

1. Cut one piece of each fabric into an 11 inch square. 

2. Stack the fabrics with right-sides together and pin. 

3. Sew around the perimeter, but leave an opening about 2 inches wide. 

4. Turn the washcloth inside out. 

5. You will have the right-sides of each fabric facing out and an opening. 

6. Pin it closed and sew the perimeter of the square.
I used 1/4 inch seam allowances throughout the project.

7. Tada! The finished product front and back.  

Now, on to the hooded towels! They are just as easy with a few extra steps. 

1.  Cut a 30 inch square from the flannel and the terry cloth. 

2. Additionally, cut a large Isosceles-Right triangle from each fabric that will be the hood. (Can you tell I'm a math teacher?) 

My triangle had two 10 inch sides and one side that was about 14.5 inches long. 

3. Put the triangles together with right-sides of the fabrics touching.

4. Sew along the longest side.  Then, open the triangle and iron down the seam. 

5. Turn the triangle so that the right-sides are facing up and sew across the longest side. This holds the fabric down and makes a more finished look in the end. 
6. Stack fabrics in this order.... towel, triangle (design up), and flannel square (design down).

 7. Pin all pieces together. 

8. I wanted a rounded corner so I traced around a glass to get a curve. 

 9. And cut along my curved mark. 

10. Sew the perimeter of the towel, leaving a 4 inch opening. 

11. Turn the towel inside out. 

12. Pin the opening down and sew shut. 

 13. Continue sewing around the perimeter of the entire towel. 

Voila~ A hooded towel! Here's Owen modeling his new towel.  

I hope Baby Girl McGlade loves her towels too! She should be making her debut any day now :O) 


  1. The Owenator! Kiss that boy for me! Meam should be so proud of you, disappearing ink pen and all!