Saturday, May 14, 2011

Owen's Birthday Party

Owen's 1st Birthday Party was so much fun! 

My friend (and future cake shop partner), Jessica baked all the cakes.  I made all the royal icing and fondant figures to match the zoo theme.  Then, I used Pirouettes to make a fence around the outside of the cake. 

Owen was a very lucky little guy-- he got lots of toys, clothes, and a little Kawasaki.  We had been at Toys R Us a few days earlier and were shocked when Owen not only sat on the bike, but knew to press the little red button that makes it move.  He drove around the back of the store and never took his finger off the button. So, of course, we had to get him one! 

He wasn't quite sure what to do during the present opening time.  He pretty much watched Brendon open all the gifts. After the party, he had so much fun playing with his new tools.  

He knew just what to do with the Gymboree bubbles!

Cake Time

We Skyped with Brendon's mom so she could be a part of the action. (You can even see the phone in top corner of the picture) Technology is so cool!

It's a good thing she was watching because she never would have believed that instead of blowing out the candles---- he snuffed it out with his hands!!!! Yup, he reached right up to the cake and squished out the flame. {I was about to panic. Then, I realized he was perfectly fine. He didn't even cry}

My birthday boy

He's a very neat little guy and wasn't really excited about stuffing his face with cake. 

So, we gave him a spoon and he dug right in!


It didn't take long for him to warm up to eating cake!!! 

However, it did take a while to get the green buttercream frosting off this head, hands, clothes, carpet and every other surface that he touched. :o)  But, it was all worth it! 

Happy 1st Birthday Owen! 

Now... What to do for birthday #2 ?!?!?


  1. What a great party! You did a fantastic job with the decorations and the cake looked amazing too!

  2. OMG what a party. Too bad we turned off Skype before he decorated himself for the occasion, well maybe not. That looks like a lot of sugar!