Monday, May 16, 2011

Owen's Day at the Zoo

You can't have a zoo themed birthday party for a one year old that's never been to the zoo. So, on Owen's actual birthday, we loaded up a minivan with overnight bags, and drove to Dallas, TX.  My parents had been visiting us in Shreveport for the week and Jessica and David flew into Dallas for the special event.  The seven of us took a tour of the town--- which sounds like a sightseers dream. 

But, the sights we saw where far from a dream. Maybe even closer to a nightmare that went like this... find the van in the parking garage, load luggage, drive to the aquarium, errt--- break for crazy traffic, go, refresh iphone map,  exit closed for repainting, refresh map, exit closed, errt-- stop again, last try, exit here, nope- closed again, cancel trip to aquarium. Next stop lunch. Where to eat? Subway --- Aw, (Jessica brought me subway at the hospital the day Owen was born, tear) Have a great laugh at the Subway clerks expense. Drive to hotel. What?! No rooms?! We booked weeks ago! ERRR--- {insert Momma Bears angry eyes} Rooms founds, time for presents! Best gifts ever. Dinner with friends and a great night together.  

Tomorrow, we go TO THE ZOO!!!!!!

These elephants were a photo op waiting to happen. :O)

Owen loved every minute of the zoo.  And, we {basically} photographed every minute of it! 

He stood by himself for a looooong time, but refused to stand again once the camera lens was pointed his way. 

Owen was very curious about the birds.  And, I was attacked.  Yes, I ran screaming from the bird feeding area. It's funny now, but while the bird was pecking at my ankle it was not fun. 

Brendon and David took some awesome pictures of the animals. 

He got to feed the giraffes. 

Our day at the zoo was absolutely perfect! Owen loved seeing all the animals, riding in his safari stroller, and petting the animals in the children's zoo.  


  1. So fun! We've been thinking ablout taking Sara Beth to the zoo soon. This post just makes me want to do it soon! Looks like Owen had a ball!

  2. It was so much fun!! If you go to the Dallas Zoo, the Wilds of Africa section has a new area that opened. The animals are (obviously) fenced in, but the land is so much more open than the small enclosures of the main zoo. The restaurant in Africa has a huge glass wall that looks out over the lions. Owen loved it and I'm sure Sarah Beth would love it too!