Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Entertainment Center

The entertainment cabinet used to be my decorating downfall. 

 Here's a picture of it in our California home. As you can see, it holds our gigantic TV (and dust).

 Then, once we moved to Louisiana, my dad and Brendon were able to put the TV on the wall.  I love having the television on the wall, but I had no idea how to decorate the cabinet. 

I knew it needed decorations that were tall to sort of bridge the gap between the cabinet and the television.  So, we bought glass vases at a few antique shops and Pier 1--- but then it just looked like a shelf in a retail shop. 

I narrowed the vases down to 3 and added in picture frames. It still wasn't right. 

But, then--- I found Subway Art! 
And the cabinet that once annoyed me is now my favorite thing to decorate. 

I bought a 14x18 frame at The Lobby.  For $2, I bought a mat from the framing department that could fit into my frame but narrow the picture area down to an 11x14.  Now, each month I print off a new Subway Art to use as my centerpiece.  

I like to add little decorations to the jar that fit the holiday.  {The heart for Valentines Day, Green twine ball for St. Patty's, the egg and grass for Easter, and balloons for Owen's birthday}

The other accessories are just ideas that I find on the blogs I follow.  Eighteen25 definitely has the biggest influence.  Those women are so creative!  They designed the Filler Print for this months display. 

I noticed the pineapple in a china hutch at Ashley Furniture a few months ago. I knew it would look perfect with our plumeria picture from Hawaii.  I like this set up so much it might just stay up until July! 

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  1. I always love organic style. I think you should start putting live plants there. You know how I luv me some potted plants! I do like how the tufted vase complements the natural "tufting" of the pineapple, and how you have carried the white all the way across the table with a nice balance of dark coloring flanking the middle. You have a very nice triangle arrangement also.