Thursday, May 19, 2011

Canisters {Try #2}

The canisters that I made for the OSC auction were a great hit.  It felt great to hear all the compliments and know that my little craft project was helping to raise money for a great cause. 

I've got plans to make a set for our kitchen, but still haven't made them.  For the original set, I purchased the canisters for around $5 each from IKEA. But, I didn't buy a set for myself--- so I need to make a quick (3 hour) trip to IKEA to get the supplies.   

I wanted to make a set for Brendon's Mom, but knew that we wouldn't be going to Dallas before Mother's Day.  I found these twist top canisters at Target.  They are great!  I like their shape and the stainless lids.  

Brendon introduced his mom to tea a few months ago when we were visiting and she's been hooked ever since.  So, we came up with tea themed canister labels.  One for tea, another for rock sugar, coffee because that's always in their house, and pasta because it looks pretty and nothing else would fit into the tall canister. 

My guys were very interested in the project.... well, sort of! 


  1. Let's see, hmmm. . .would you please pass me some Angel hair pasta so I can stir my tea. Swizzle sticks!! or coffee sticks, you know the wooden kind! that is what you could have used to complete your coffee/tea set! Pasta! (shaking my head)

  2. But in my house the tall jar is for coffee.