Friday, May 27, 2011

A sweet one about our sweet one

He's growing fast and learning quickly, so I'm soaking it all in before these days are gone. I decided that I'd spend the week creating a blog post about Owen. {Sorry... no craft projects, no recipes, just my precious little one and all of his cuteness.} 

Spending an entire week trying to capture his personality in pictures, videos and those quiet moments together was so fulfilling. For both our weekly planned activities and daily routines, I took the camera along for the ride. {That's when I remembered that our small Sony camera was upgraded for a reason---that's my blurry picture warning} In addition to focusing on Owen, I made a conscious effort to NOT focus on other things. The cell phone, TV, computer and all those other distractions were set aside. Don't get me wrong, I still watched the morning news (and by that I mean Good Morning America). I just watched it while he took his nap.  I lost my iphone for a while, then found it, and forgot to charge it....  so the cell phone really wasn't a distraction at all. 

It's been a wonderful week! 

 Hello, bed head! That must have been a great nap :O) 

We made a trip to Toys R Us for some great sunglasses.  He loves to play with my sunglasses, so I figured he enjoy a pair of his own.  And, he does actually wear them! 

He's really really good at self-feeding.  He actually gets frustrated when he's not given a fork or spoon to eat with.  I've also been working with him on drinking from a sippy cup.  He loves cups with straws, but hasn't quiet figured out that he needs to tilt the sippy cup in order to get something out of it. 

We spent lots of time playing at home.  The door and his car are definitely his favorite things to play with right now. 

He's also become a very tidy kid.  I guess he's watched me wipe the table and vacuum after breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner so many times that now he wants in on the action.  One day he'll beg me not to make him vacuum, but for now I'll take the extra help! 

He's never really watched TV and I'm certain he's never watched Star Trek, but somehow he does know the Dr. Spock hand gesture. :O)

We went to Gymboree for PlayGyms and our usual class time.  He's become a lot more independent and loves the busy box full of toys. The balls are another favorite.  He can say BALL and it actually sounds like the word, not just baby babble. 

He worked up a big appetite with all that playing. I love the look on his face while he eats.... such focus and concentration!  He has mastered the sign language for the words more, eat, and all done. The trouble with sign language is that if I don't see him sign the word, he'll start tossing his food over the tray and onto the floor. 

He also went to his 1 year old check up this week.  He's growing at a steady pace, still hovering around the 30th percentile.  He weighs 22 pounds! But, he always feels heavier when I'm carrying him up to our 3rd floor apartment.  

I have several videos to share, but I need to learn how to post those on to the blog. So that will need to wait for another day. 

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  1. Love the Spock photo. He TOTALLY looks like Brendon in the sleepy-head photo, and I knew the Owenator was missing something! Shades and a toothbrush! Nobody will mess with him!
    PS-for crafts, you could show off your 1yr scrapbook of the Owenator. Just a thought.