Saturday, May 28, 2011


I turned  on the camera and this is what he had to say... 

Brendon is the king of YouTube videos. He's always finding cute, funny, crazy videos and this one really got Owen's attention.  It's called Doing Cat Stuff.  Owen laughed and danced as the cats sang the song.  Brendon was obviously enjoying it too! 

Owen's friends came to visit this week and played our Wii while they were here.  Owen laughed every time the ball bounced on the screen. 

He was so excited and couldn't stop squealing!!!! {You may want to lower your speaker volume} 


  1. Whose the velociraptor now? My fave is the car video. Sometimes I think I sound like that when I hit a string of red lights and have to share the road with wackos! Pinch the cuteness for me, Owen that is.

  2. So does Owen also repeat what the cat closes with? lol Rylee was being fussy in the car and we let her watch this and she loved it!!

  3. Court~ We'd never actually listened to it all the way to the end! Good thing too :O)

  4. Owen is too funny! Those videos just put a big smile on my face!