Tuesday, June 7, 2011

While Dad's away....

Yes- I will {eventually} be posting more than just movies. But, for tonight I had to share Owen's newest accomplishment.   B's out of town, which means I've been video taping Owen's every move.  The camera is always within arms reach. What can I say, I just don't want him to miss out on those first steps... which I know are just around the corner.

He's been doing this "crawl-walking" for several days.  He pushes around his toys and is getting much more confident in his ability to stand up.

Our friends let us borrow this walking toy they made.  {Thank you Thank you, Thank you, Diana} It's been so much fun to watch him try to use the toy.  But, he gets very distracted by the camera.

I guess it just took those partial steps for him to realize that he can actually walk with assistance.  The rest of the afternoon we spent practicing.


  1. i love when he whispers hi in the camera!! we can't wait to see you guys!

  2. I can just here owen in about 3 yrs, " I dough-no why, I just wanna walk in circles!" LOL!
    BTW he isn't really practicing to walk, the Owenator can already do that! He is just rearranging the toys to his liking. He has a little Nana in him.
    Now if you would just put castors on the rest of the furniture he could move everything else around.