Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cupcake Anyone?

Owen's always surprising me -- whether it be a new skill that he's mastered or a new word that he's learned to say.   These little surprises make me smile and I'm more and more proud of him each day. 

Today's little surprise left me SHOCKED! I had no words. My jaw dropped and my mind reeled.... how did he do that, I was 5 feet away? How can it take him 20 minutes to eat lunch, but only 1 minute to inhale an ENTIRE CUPCAKE???? Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky Owen!

 Here he is.... Caught eating a cupcake! 

Can you tell that he enjoyed it? 

I was doing the dishes. He was playing in the kitchen. Normal routine stuff. I didn't even notice him walk out of the kitchen. In fact, the part that I noticed was how quiet he was. Suddenly, the silence filled the room and I knew he was up to something! 

I called out, "Owen, whatcha doing?"
His muffled/mouth-filled reply, "mmwwmmwmw"

What a little stinker!

Here's where it gets nasty.... 
Yup- this is our trashcan. Do you see the chocolate spot on top, next to the milk? That's where the cupcake came from---- GAG, Yuck, EW

He opened the lid, grabbed the cupcake, and quietly walked his snack (or "nack" as he would say) to the table. At least he took it to the table, right?  
After scrubbing chocolate frosting off the carpet, the table, the kid, and the chocolate ring around the tub.... I looked in the mirror to find chocolate frosting on my nose! 

*He was an angel today. Great naps, ate all this meals, very helpful in the commissary, sweet as can be while we played at home.... maybe he'll get a cupcake for breakfast tomorrow. Yeah, right! 


  1. just don't stick it in the trash this time!!

  2. Lucy did the a similar thing this morning. Courtney left a box with 2 left over donuts in it sitting on her bedroom floor. She was in the shower. I walk in the kitchen to let Annabelle outside and Lucy comes around the corner with something sticking out of her mouth. At first, I thought it was a stuffed toy, but it looked kind of like a hamburger bun. When I reached towards her mouth, I found out that it was a pink frosted jellly donut. When I told Courtney, I asked her how many were in the box. She said two. When I found the box, it was empty. There went Courtney's breakfast. Not nearly as cute as the picture of a precious little boy getting caught eating out of the garbage can.

  3. That just makes me smile! SB got a kick out of Owen's pictures too!---Brandi

  4. OMG he really is his father's son! Once when I was baking Christmas cookies it got really, really quiet too. I found Brendon in the living room pulling all of our 12 Days of Christmas ornaments off the tree and tearing them apart!

  5. And he may be a little stinker but he sure is cute!