Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guest Blogger

If my sister can sum up her blog and say she is Sew-In Love then I guess my little niche I'm carving out for myself here could be referred to as Sew Busy. Or maybe 'cause I like food I could say Sew Hungry. I love to exercise, especially when I can do it with competitive friends, so should my niche be Sew Buff? Or what I really should lean towards for a title is Sew... 'cause I forget stuff all the time lately! 

I am Brittany's older sister, and also, the coolest! Everything Brittany knows, she learned from me, 'cause everyone knows that little sisters want to be just like their big sister.  That said, she is way more gifted than myself in sewing, and scrapbooking, and well, I was always really jealous that Brit could finish all her Honors level homework in high school in like 15 minutes while she, just for fun, watched the Spanish channel to improve her fluency. 

Oh yeah, my name is Alicia, I am married to my husband, Matt. We have two great daughters, Annika, {about to turn 6} and Danya {3}. I am an avid gym-rat, cyclist, painter, knitter, seamstress, decorator, crafter, the "chief-cook-and-bottle-washer" of the house.  Yeah, you could say I'm a Homemaker, but for some reason I think it's kind of a fluffily title and doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what the job description really entails. This is also my first year as a homeschool mom.  My husband, God bless him, is a helicopter pilot for the Navy, and that leads me to the topic of why I am REALLY adding
Sew Adventurous
to Sew-In Love

Matt is in the Navy, and so... we move a lot. For one more month, I am residing in Jacksonville, FL.  Then, my families adventures really ramp up! My little princesses, my handsome prince, and myself (of course) are moving to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Ok, Google it.... go ahead, I had to! 

It's waaaayyy over in Saudi Arabia. Not that bigger island, that's Oatar, but the teeny-bity one, just to the north, yeah, that's Bahrain. If your library has any literature on the kingdom, I highly recommend borrowing it. It has fascinating history for such a tiny place. I checked out all (five) of the books the public library had on Bahrain. I really learned a lot, which, when traveling, knowledge is power. Really, in all facets of life, but what I mean is, that for an American woman moving to that part of the world, I really wanted to know what I was getting into. 

Have you ever asked yourself, "How do you actually move to the other side of the world?" Well, let me tell you there is a ridiculously long list of things to do. If you know of someone moving to Jax, I've got a house for you!!!! It's lovely. 

Aside from getting a home in order from the inside-out, you have to get vaccines, dental records, plan for movers months in advance, sell things like BOTH your cars, your home, that entertainment center you never really fell in love with your husband loves, ask your entire family if they will watch your dogs for 2 or 3 years (all expenses paid, of course) and then, start canceling things. It's kinda freeing letting a magazine subscription run out even though they beg send nice letters from the company saying they miss me. Oh! and make sure you attend your baby sister's wedding before leaving the country! Congrats to Michael and Courtney on their engagement! 

So, I will be adding my travel tales from time to time. I hope you enjoy them, 'cause I can't wait to explore! 


  1. wow Alicia thats amazing! We will def be praying for you guys in this huge move! I really hope to see you at the wedding!!

  2. What a great post Alicia! You and your family are in for the adventure of a lifetime. When I was in college, I knew 2 brothers who had grown up living all over the world. It was a fantastic experience for them as I am sure it will be for your girls. Bon Voyage and safe travels.