Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Invitations are Out!!!

The invites have been mailed, which means a small part of the baby shower is no longer a secret! 

I love surprises, but keeping these details from Jessica has nearly killed me.
I can't wait for October 22nd -- whoohoo!

Are you totally in love with the invite?  I am! 

I designed them using my Silhouette Software.  Normally, I create images in the program and cut them out of vinyl.  But for this project, I skipped the cutting feature and just printed off the image.

The owl & tree designs mimic their Dwell Studio "Owl Sky" baby bedding. I asked Jessica to pick out paint swatches that matched the colors and I used those as my reference for matching the colors. It took about 10 trips to Office Max to get the colors to match perfectly and I'm pretty sure the workers think I'm slightly completely crazy. Each time a proof was handed to me, I'd pull out my paint swatches and start comparing the colors.  Beauty is in the details and I've been working like a mad-woman to make sure all the details are perfect!

The theme of the shower is Oh, Boy! A little man is on his way --- so the mustache stickers were a fun little extra used to seal the envelopes.  I designed those on the Silhouette, printed them on sticker paper sheets, and used the cutting feature on the Silhouette machine to cut them out.

Two of Jessica's friends from Arizona are hosting with me and have been helping me with all the local details.  Thanks in advance, Alissa and Jen, for all your help!

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