Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jessica's Baby Shower - Guests

Let's celebrate Jessica's new little man! 

The guest of honor is here! 
After sending her off for an hour long pedicure, she came home to a fully decorated Little Man Baby Shower. 

The guests played 3 games. 

1. The "don't say baby" clothes pin game 
Each guest is given a clothes pin and told not to say the word baby.  The person that hears you say the B word takes your pin and the person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins a prize!

2. Guess the celebrity's baby photo game
I printed off 10 celebrities' baby photos and wrote 4 possible choices on the back. The person that matches the most celebrities to their baby photo wins! 

3. Guess the baby item game
Ten baby items were placed inside lunch sacks and sealed shut.  The guests felt each one and had to guess what the baby item was. 

While the guests were writing, we passed out envelopes and had each person write their own address on the envelope. Then, Jessica will have all the thank you notes pre-addressed and ready to mail!

Jessica and her mom, Donna.

Me, Jessica, Jenn and Alyssa 

Alyssa and Jenn co-hosted with me. I appreciate their help so much!  It was fun to work together. 

Jessica and I met at the Officers' Spouse's Club kickoff event at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, Louisiana in 2009.  Neither of us had ever gone to an event like that and we were just lucky enough to sit next to each other. We {obviously} hit it off from the start and have been best friends ever since!  Our husbands  hit it off too...which made it even more fun to hang out together! Brendon and David worked on projects in the garage, started doing triathlons and bought Craftsman tools while she and I talked about babies. Well, maybe we did more than just talk about babies, but that certainly was a big topic of conversation.  I found out I was pregnant with Owen right after we met so she was with me for the 9 long months of pregnancy.  She was also Owen's very first visitor on the day he was born.  Jessica and David are definitely the reason we felt at home in Louisiana so quickly.  And, I cried like a baby in their driveway as they drove away in their packed car to Arizona. So, as soon as they told us they were pregnant, I immediately volunteered to plan her baby shower!  After months of planning, I packed my oversized suitcase full of baby shower items and flew out to Arizona for the shower.  All the planning paid off! The day was so special. 

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  1. Brit, you did such a good job! I think Jessica is very lucky to have you for a best friend!