Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Decor

This year, we spent Halloween with our friends, Jessica and David, in Arizona. We all dressed up and had so much fun trick or treating with Owen! He {almost} understood why we were walking from house to house asking for candy. Maybe next year he'll fully understand that we dress up and collect candy to replenish Mommy's candy jar!

Owen absolutely loved his elephant costume! He was very much in character ---  making the elephant sounds, raising his trunk, and stomping around on his elephant feet.  Brendon and I dressed up as zoo keepers.  I made little zoo logos for our shirts--- it was definitely my kind of costume. (Basically just normal clothes) I think Brendon really fit the part. Does he look like a real zoo keeper? 

Jessica and David had the cutest family costume of all... Mommy, Daddy and Baby skeletons! I saw the idea on Pinterest and used my Silhouette to cut out freezer paper stencils of all the bones.  Then, I just painted the bones on a black long-sleeved shirt.  The baby is my very favorite part! 

Even though we spent Halloween away from home, I still made tons of decorations for the house.  I've had them up all month and figured I'd share them now. (before they get replaced this afternoon with fall decor)

The entertainment cabinet is my favorite place to decorate in the house. 

The spider web on the wall is a placemat that Brendon found while we were at Target. 

The beautiful subway art is a free printable from Eighteen 25

I copied the trick or treat sign from Susan -- It's just a piece of wood painted orange with white and yellow circles. Then, I cut out vinyl letters on my Silhouette to finish it off.  

The candy corn cones are wrapped in yarn.  

And, the piece de resistance... the hand cut, hand taped, hand painted, and hand wrapped {fingers burned by hot glue}... hand made letters!  It was a true labor of love/hate to make those letters.  Susan and I spent 3 days just making the letter boxes.  Susan found this "simple" project idea at Green Zebra Crafts and had she not been making them with me, I would have given up after the first day.  They really are simple (in theory) but simple does not mean quick! To add to the torture I wrapped them all in yarn. I lost about 20 hours of my life {and all feeling in my finger tips} but they really do look amazing! 

Now, here's a little tour around the house to see all the other decorations. 

I found these little guys on Pinterest and knew they make cute ornaments for my Frame for All Seasons.

The Googly Eye Frame added a little Halloween flair to our bamboo shelf. 

We set our pumpkins on the coffee table. 

The wall hanging has Owen's little feet and hand prints from last Halloween. 

These are just chipboard letters with scrapbook paper mod-podged on top.  

My Silhouette cut out the witch and Frankenstein silhouettes, that I saw on ... wait for it... Pinterest

This is the quilt that Brendon and I made last year.  We picked out all the fabric together. Brendon cut the pieces and I sewed it all together. 

And, last but not least, a Bead Wreath! When I was making my Mardi Gras Bead Wreath, I used the left over orange and brown beads to make this fall wreath.  

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  1. You are entirely too crafty, Brittany! Just kidding! I'm just jealous because I have no time to do anything anymore. All of your Halloween decorations are precious and I can't wait to see what you have in store for fall/Thanksgiving.