Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pinterest Projects

Brendon and I spent the day accomplishing all most of our To Do List crafts. {Let's face it.... that list could never actually be finished!)  His work involved power tools, saw dust, and paint brushes. While I stuck with the girly work, and by girly I mean AWESOME! I finished making a Thanksgiving pillow, made a wreath and finished several wedding projects {for my little sister's upcoming wedding}. All of my ideas came directly from Pinterest.... and I'll show you links to the original blogs incase you want to try them also.    

My Give Thanks Pillow

Susan found this Pin from Dear Lillie Blog.... Click the link and you'll find a beautiful tan pillow with the words "give thanks" hand painted on the front.  It's so pretty and simple. It's also for sale, but unfortunately SOLD OUT.

So, Susan and I decided to make them ourselves!  She came over yesterday and we started the project. But, as usual, we ran out of time and didn't finish. I have no idea how that always happens to us! 

Here are the steps for making the pillow.... 

1st - Sew a pillowcase
(Owen needed a quick sewing lesson today)

2nd - Use the Silhouette to cut out a stencil from freezer paper

(The fonts are "Some Weatz Swashes" and "Van den Velde Script DEMO VERSION" which I downloaded for free from ----  here and here. )

3rd - Iron the stencil to your fabric and (The most important step of all) Mod Podge over the stencil.  The Mod Podge dries clear and prevents the black paint from bleeding onto your fabric. 

4th - Paint over the stencil

5th - Wait (forever... ok, 5 minutes) while the paint dries and peel back the freezer paper to reveal your pillowcase!

My Thankful Everyday - Wreath

This project is perfect for November. The wreath has a leaf for each day of the month, leading up to Thanksgiving.  Each day, you write something you are thankful for on the leaf.  I debated between two things for today. 

A) I'm thankful for date night with Brendon and a wonderful babysitter that made it possible. 
B) The tutorial for this project from Miranda Made

Miranda Made did a really great job on the Thanksgiving Countdown Tutorial.  Not only did she include pictures of each step of the process, she also provided a template for the leaf cutout! I traced her template on my Silhouette design program and cut out 12 leaves per page. It only took about 5 minutes to cut out all 48 of the leaves and I didn't need to buy the extra large leaf punch

Tomorrow's leaf may say, "I'm thankful for the person that invented the Silhouette!" This is the coolest thing I own.  :O)

 I also finished projects for Michael and Courtney's wedding, but decided not to post them. Reason #1 - It would ruin the surprise for one of their wedding gifts and Reason #2 - It would spoil the fun of seeing cool handmade things at the reception.  Don't worry, I'll post them in less than 2 weeks after the wedding! 


  1. That pillow looks great. You could use it year round! Are you on Pinterest? I'm a little obsessive over it, if you have a profile we should add one another!

  2. Love the pillow! (Also excited to see pics of Court's wedding!)