Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 1

One week ago, we dropped Brendon off at the airport to start a six month deployment.  When I drove away, I felt like I was new in town, even though we've lived here for several years.  I took Owen to the commissary just to walk around. We didn't need any food, but somehow carrying Owen and several bags of groceries up the stairs made coming come to the empty house feel less awkward.  We had dinner with our neighbor that night and I'm really thankful for that!  It gave me some sort of plan, something to look forward to, and something to distract me. 

The first day is never fun, but it did feel good to cross that day off the calendar. We're one day closer to the end, right?  

Brendon took Owen's Buzz Lightyear toy with him.  He's been taking pictures of Buzz throughout his training in Florida.  

Owen loves seeing Buzz pictures and it's a great way to capture his attention while we FaceTime.  Being able to talk to each other is great, but actually seeing each other has been so helpful for the little guy.

I'm completely jealous of Buzz. He gets to hang out with B and he's been fed very well! Tijuana Flats was one of our favorite lunch spots while we were in college.  

Buzz at Noodles & Co.... Owen NEEDED macaroni and cheese for dinner after seeing this picture. 

He was using his spoon while I took this picture, but hunger took over and he started eating it by the handfuls.  It's a good thing Owen's never had Noodles' Wisconsin Mac n Cheese or he would have been really let down by his dinner! 

I'm so glad we took the time to record B reading books to Owen.  He calls it his "Daddy Movie" and has to have each book in his lap while he "reads" with Daddy.  We've already watched the Daddy Movie so many times that Owen now answers the questions that B asks... BEFORE Brendon even gets a chance to ask them! 

He's been so sweet and it feels like he's doing so many new things this week. 

He thought his spiked hair was super cool! 

He enjoyed our trip to Lowe's by driving the Gator and every single lawn mower they have, TWICE! I wasn't sure if we were ever going to leave that store.

He's learning how to take apart and rebuild his train tracks. 

Crazy kid wanted to see if he was allowed to climb the couch.   I took a picture and then promptly removed him from the back of the couch. 

This cracks me up... He likes to put the raspberry on the tip of his finger and pop it into his mouth. 

With B and the DirecTv out of the house, I've had a lot more spare time.  I'm actually enjoying watching fewer hours of TV each week {I never thought I'd say that!} and I go to bed much earlier. Lame, I know, but it's helped me keep up my energy for running after the little man.  I have big plans for crafting while B's gone... lots of scrapbooking, Silhouette-ing and sewing. 

Before bringing out new projects, I needed to finish the ones that have been on my To DO list f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  I made these etched Pyrex dishes that I've been meaning to finish since Christmas. I gave Susan hers on Tuesday and she invited us over for dinner on Thursday.  Dinner tasted even better in a pretty dish, or maybe it tasted so good because I didn't have to cook it.  Either way, dinner was delicious and it was so much fun to have dinner with her family!

I also finished Owen's busy board! Brendon did all the work, but we ran out of time before he left, so it never got hung on the wall.  Mommy to the rescue--- I did it myself!    
Let me tell you, that was quite a sight to see.

The board isn't flat on the back so it needed a small space in-between the wall and the board. 

I bought these wood pieces that squeeze together to make a frame (It's supposed to be for wrapping your own canvas) and I painted it to match the board.  Hanging the frame on the wall was easy.... 

The real fun was when I had to lift the very heavy busy board, place it perfectly over the wooden frame, screw it into the wall {while holding it up with my FEET} and convince Owen that he should put down Mommy's hammer, real hammers are not for you to play with, and the neighbors do not like hearing that sound...did I mention I was holding the drill with both hands while this conversation was going on!?!?  I was quite surprised and impressed when he followed my verbal directions and went to find his toy hammer. :O) 

Here's the board on the wall.  I'm still in the process of making alphabet magnets for the bottom-right opening, but it's basically finished.  Owen LOVES it! His favorite parts are the tiny flashlight and the spring door stopper. 

Overall, week 1 has been very successful! B leaves the states this week and for some reason I feel like that's when the deployment really starts. I have lots of things to keep me distracted and look forward to... a trip to Phoenix, Owen's birthday party, and actually finishing the last 5 years worth of scrapbooking!  


  1. You're doing AWESOME!! One week down! Woohoo!! I love the Buzz pictures!! That was such a good idea.
    I especially love my Pyrex dish! You're right, dinner does taste better out of it. :) P.S. Be ready to come over for ALOT more dinners. It won't always taste good but we will keep you and O entertained.

  2. aw Brit so sweet! I hate being so far away in times like these, I'd so love to be there for you and do all sorts of things together. The buzz idea is hilarious and I really like that always around if you want to chat :)

  3. 1. The busy board looks amazing! I know Owen will love it and his two friends will copy it soon. ;)
    2. Which section of Hobby Lobby is the etching cream in? I looked the other day, but couldn't find it. I love the casserole dishes! A friend of mine etched a pie plate for me a few years ago.
    3. Story time with Daddy is the best, most adorable, most perfect idea I've ever heard of!!!!! I got a little teary-eyed when I read about it. Yall are such a precious little family!
    SB asked about Brendon and his long trip today in the car. . . out of the blue. See you tomorrow at Gymboree!

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