Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh-oh, We're half way there. Oh-oh, Livin' on a prayer

"Oh-oh, We're half way there. Oh-oh, Livin' on a prayer"

Did you just read that as a boring old sentence? 
Oh, no... Go back and read it again. 
This time sing at the top of your lungs in your best Bon Jovi voice.

"Oh-oh, We're half way there. Oh-oh, Livin' on a prayer"

I'll be honest...I have no idea what any other lyrics are from that song, but it sure does feel good to belt out that line. Why? Because today is officially the half way point of B's deployment and that is worth singing about! 

I've been crossing off each completed day since B left.  
In the beginning, 26 weeks looked impossible.  
Now, 13 weeks in... I'm proud of how far we've come and everything we've accomplished in the last 3 months.

I've completed 11 days of my 30 day workout challenge. My sister, Alicia, asked me if I wanted to participate and I decided I'd try it.  Today, I ran 3 miles in 29 minutes 46 seconds.... my best overall time and really good considering the extra weight I get to push with my little running partner in the jogging stroller.

We survived one (short & awful) stomach virus.  I took a picture of him because this was the first time he's ever slept in our bed. He couldn't fall asleep without snuggling and after a very long, sleepless night, Mommy needed a nap, so we broke RULE #1.      

We've been on 2 "Hotdog Dates" --- Can you tell Owen chose the restaurant?  We got dressed up and enjoyed special treats, like hotdogs & french fries for dinner, a booster instead of a high chair, and free reign of a cup with a straw. He left with water soaking the front of his shirt, but it was so much fun to have a special date with my little guy.  

We've played outside almost everyday.

We've celebrated our friends' birthdays.  

I made this cake for his friend's 2nd birthday party.  Owen couldn't wait to eat the cupcakes! 

He's getting so big! 

We've gone to fun places with our friends, like Chimp Haven. 

 Owen's been practicing riding a bike like Daddy. 

But, he hasn't forgotten his first love... basketball! 

He's quite helpful around the house. He helps with the laundry... 

Wipes the counters after dinner... 

He "cooks" dinner every night right next to me.... he's cooking a hotdog, can you tell that he likes them?

He also washed the car.  It was still dirty when we drove home, but the ceiling of the Car Care Center has never been cleaner! 

And, he's read lots and lots and lots of books! 

 He's decided that sitting on top of the furniture is completely acceptable. 

We took our annual Easter pictures... we really missed B that day! 

Scooping water with funnels, measuring cups & spoons had become one of his favorite activities. 

He's decided that he prefers watercolors over finger-paints. 

We've had lots of playdates with his buddies. 

And, the moms have planned a sock monkey birthday party for Tristen, Owen, and Sara Beth. 

Today, we welcomed our new friend, Sawyer, to the world! I didn't bring a camera to the hospital, so I don't have a picture to share of his sweet little face, but here's the Big Brother Gift we gave Tristen.  I went shopping for mini-sized snacks that T could nibble on while hanging out at the hospital. Baby Goldfish crackers, lil' squares graham crackers, and mini-Teddy Grahams--- all cute and little, just like his baby brother :O) 

And, B's doing great.  He'll miss out on Triathlon season here at home, but he still got to participate in one at work!  


  1. Yay for half way there! Can't wait till I can say the same ;) Looks like you guys have been making the best out of your time, you've got a great little helper! And that cake you make looks amazing!

  2. Would have been so great to have the internet and blogs when our boys were little;)! You look fantastic, Brittany!!

  3. Proud of you Brittany! There's nothing like a positive attitude to turn what could be a negative time into a positive experience. It's what makes a military spouse so strong and so wonderful to know. And you are one of the best that I know! ~Juie

  4. Whoops, can't spell my own name correctly! That was from Julie!

  5. YAY!!! Half way is a great feeling!!! You are doing an amazing job!!!

  6. I could not do what you do. Your family sure is lucky to have you as wife and mommy!