Sunday, May 27, 2012

He's napping!!!

If you've been following Owen's Sleep Chronicles, you know that we've be adjusting to life in a big boy bed.   It all began Wednesday after he climbed out of the crib. Then, skipped nap altogether on Thursday and Friday.  But, Saturday... HE TOOK A NAP!  {And so did I... I deserved it!}

We spent Saturday morning playing at Sara Beth's house.  She must have given Owen some advice on how to take a nap in a big kid bed because he actually took a NAP! Hallelujah!

I had plans of following the Super Nanny Technique, that I read about online.  Basically, you stay in the room with them, putting them back in bed each time they escape, and repeat these motions, without talking, until they fall asleep.   That plan does NOT work for Owen, but here's what did...

Saturday's Nap Time Story

After about 15 minutes of (silence -- on my part) jabbering, playing, throwing the blanket out of bed then picking it up again, sticking his toe onto the carpet (so that I would chase him back into bed), I came up with my own plan.  He was sleepy when we started nap time, but each time I walked him back to bed he became more and more energized.  I decided that I needed to reverse my strategy.  Instead of silently putting him back in bed, I would sit still and use my voice only.  It worked and was really funny to see his face turn serious the second he heard my voice.

He was in his bed playing and I used the assertive-mom-voice to say, "Lie down."  The sound of my voice breaking its silence must have come across as a booming command because his eyes looked confused, but his body did an immediate belly flop onto the mattress.

{He didn't say this, but his eyes sure did... "She spoke?! And all you can say is lie down?" He was panting.}

About 3 minutes later, he broke the silence and pulled out a very good trick.  In his most excited voice he exclaimed, "Hey Mommy!" and sat straight up in bed, as if he had some wonderful story to tell me. But, I'm no fool. "Lie down, " said the mom voice.  Again, belly flop onto the mattress.

{"I can't believe that didn't work," he must have thought.  "Maybe she'll have sympathy on me if I cry?"}

Nope. No amount of whining, "Mommy hold you"s or crying could break me. "Lie down."

{"Oh, alright then... I'll sleep"} And, he closed his eyes!

This worked for bedtime last night and nap time today.  I put him in bed and sat on the floor next to the door. I only said those two little words, "Lie Down," one time and he was asleep. He's been a much happier little camper since he started taking naps again and we've had much more pleasant afternoons.

 Now, if I can just figure out how to get him to sleep in past 4:30 or 5:30 in the morning!


  1. If you figure out the "getting him to sleep in" trick... please let us know! -Adam.

  2. I second Adam's comment! Glad Owen is finally napping though!