Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Way back in May...

The month of May was full of fun! {yes, it's now July... I've been busy and tired} Since then we've been catching up on our sleep--- now that Owen has finally figured out how to sleep in a big boy bed and stay asleep "until the sun is awake".  But before all that toddler bed excitement began, we had ViSiToRs! 

Mom and Dad came to Louisiana to spend a week with us! I looked forward to their visit for months. I love making trips home to Florida, but there's something wonderful about having family in our house.  

Mom and Dad helped us set up for the Sock Monkey birthday party and Owen loved having his Grammy and Poppa there to celebrate with him. 

 Dad helped me with some car troubles and wired a trailer hitch for our car. (Which Brendon really appreciated since he couldn't be here to take care of them himself) 

  Mom and I got to celebrate Mother's Day together for the 2nd year in a row! I'm planning on stealing her way from my sisters every year... (evil laugh) mmwwahahaha! 

After the birthday party and Mother's day, we spent the days doing all of our favorite things.  Owen couldn't wait to take Grammy and Poppa to the duck pond. 

Our favorite ducks {we call them The 3 Amigos} even swam up to meet them.

Owen showed off his duck feeding skills. 

Most of all he LOVED playing on the playground. 

He even convinced Poppa to play on the slides with him! 

We also had lots of fun shopping and visiting the fish at Bass Pro Shop. 

After their trip, we started counting down the days until our trip to Florida!  We were going to spend a week at the beach in June with family.  I'll be posting about that trip soon. 

But, before we could leave for our vacation we had to do some cleaning. 
Do you like his earmuffs? I bought them after our failed attempt at going to the Air Show and he loves wearing them around the house.  

We snuggled with the kitties. Hank is obviously STARVED for attention because he decided to sit on Owen's lap without being bribed or tricked! Owen couldn't stop smiling. 

Owen watered the flowers {Well... more like watered the concrete, but a good attempt overall}

And we had lots and lots of picnics and swimming days!  Owen loves playing outside and the weather was absolutely perfect. 

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  1. Owen,
    I love you, Owen! Owen. Owen. Feeding the ducks was my favorite picture. I liked the concrete one too.
    Love, my friend, Sara Beth

    I love my friend Owen!