Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I love photostream!

I love PhotoStream! There. I said it. 

I know it probably sounds completely ridiculous, but it's true.  PhotoStream is a feature on our iPhones and computer that automatically downloads and shares pictures we've taken with our other devices. 

Why do I love it? Because it keeps our family connected despite all the miles between us. Any picture that Brendon and I take is automatically shared with the other person. That means B gets to see tons of pictures of our everyday life--- without relying on me to upload, email, Facebook, or blog about them. Let' It's July and I just finished blogging about the month of May--- I'm kinda behind. 

Here's how it's been helping us lately.... 

Over the weekend Owen and I went on what should have been a short shopping trip to Target. But Owen fell asleep within minutes of walking into the store, so I ended up walking around for about an hour taking pictures of things I'd like for the new house.  B saw them on his photoStream and gave me the thumbs up to buy them! 

TA-DA --- It works like magic! 

We are the proud new owners of some artwork, a new lamp, a pillow, and a curtain (which I'm going to use to recover my dining room chair cushions)

I also photoStream-ed pictures of accessories that I found in Hobby Lobby. 


and the letters that I've collected to decorate Owen's new bathroom. 

Brendon also gets to see fun pictures us...

Visiting the animals at PetSmart...

Stopping to take in the sights on base... 

Sending a "come home soon" message from the cat...

Drawing colorful pictures...

Reading at the bookstore...

and counting down the days until he's home with us again! 

To the PhotoStream-Creator-man, 
Thank you!  You rank very highly on my list.  You're next in line to the Skype-Creator-Man.    
From, The Momma at home during a deployment

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  1. What a wonderful tool to have while B's away! I bet he appreciates getting to see those little parts of your every day life!