Saturday, July 14, 2012

I might be addicted...

I might be addicted .... to vacuum storage bags.
I bought 3 boxes of these storage bags at Harbor Freight for $5.50 each and they were worth every penny! 

These tubs are full of Owen's baby supplies and clothes.  I was okay with having 6 Rubbermaid tubs full (because they can easily store in the closet) but then.... clothes, bedding, and toys started spilling out and taking over.  

So, I spent the evening sorting clothes by size. 
{Which was so much fun--- I can't believe how small his clothes used to be!}

This is the end result--- 5 Tubs and room to spare! 

Watch out craft closet... I'm coming after you next! 


  1. I love our bags too! What size boxes are those? After putting clothes in the bags, we didn't have a box big enough to store the bags.

  2. Our boxes are 24x16 and 12 inches tall. I fit 5 storage bags in each tub.... large bag on the bottom with 2 layers that had the 2 small bags placed next to each other. The trick is to fill and seal the bags, put them in the rubbermaid tub (i did a little squishing to get them to fit) and then vacuum the air out.