Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Night Night Bee

Just yesterday, I wrote about how Owen is growing up---ditching his Sleepsack and no longer wanting to play the heartbeat sound at night.   Those were 2 of his 3 bedtime requirements 
{Sleepsack, sound machine, Bee.... which is a Wubbanub pacifier}. 

I took this picture about a week ago... He was fast asleep but still had a death grip on Bee. 

Those 3 things made a perfect team... with them I simply put him in his bed, walked away, and he'd be asleep within minutes.  I was so proud of him for deciding that he no longer needed two of them and curious if he'd sleep all night. HE DID! He slept all night and woke up happy... with cold feet. (So tonight he wore socks to bed)  

As we were getting ready for bed tonight, Owen picked up both of his blankets, 3 books, and Bee.  I wrapped him in his blankets, read him all the books, and looked down at Bee 

{Wondering when  he would go away}

Then, Owen looked up at me and whispered "Bee"--- I looked down and his finger was poking out of a little hole!

I immediately decided that tonight was the night ---  Bee is out of here!  We talked about how Bee was now broken and that we couldn't keep Bee anymore because he could choke Owen.  He really seemed to understand, so I got out the scissors and we cut the pacifier off.  

I cuddled with Owen for a few more minutes and he kept repeating "Bee choke .... Cut off."  At first I wasn't sure if the whole scissor-thing had traumatized him or if he was just running through it in his mind.  Either way, I was ready for Bee to be gone!  I have BEEN ready for a long time, but he's always been so attached to it. He doesn't have any other blanket, toy or lovey that he loves the same way.  And, after Brendon deployed he became exceptionally attached to Bee.  We'd put Bee on a shelf in the morning and Owen would ask during the day if he could just "hug Bee".  

Tonight, Owen went to bed with NO Bee, No sound machine, NO Sleepsack.  
{And did it all without shedding a tear} 
I, however, cried outside his door.

I just can't believe that all the baby-boy things are gone.  Tomorrow he'll ask for a toddler bed, I'm sure! 


  1. No, tomorrow he asks for the keys to the car! Sweet post Brittany.
    ~Julie K

  2. Big boy! It's kind of sad, isn't it?

  3. Good boy Owen!! He got the memo that being 2 means he's a "big boy" now! :)