Monday, May 21, 2012

Growing up

He's 2... and not the least bit "terrible"

Today, we stayed at home. 

Played in our PJs until 11AM.

Blew bubbles for the cats. 

 Hank was not impressed by the bubbles. 
{Probably because Owen uses the bubble wand more like a kazoo than a bubble blower}

 Owen decided that he needed to play with a Transformer toy. 
He was having so much fun that I decided to take out the "real" camera instead of using my iPhone to document it. 

It was fun... until he broke its leg.  
His little face shows how shocked he was. 

Notice the toy is now in 2 pieces-- oops!

Never fear... Dr. Mom to the rescue! 
As I fixed the toy, I found myself quoting Toy Story 3... He's "not age appropriate for me and my friends"  Oh, but it was so much fun to watch him play with the Transformer. At our house, Transformers say, "All aboard!" and ride train cars.  

 Owen loves his trains! We built BIG tracks all over the living room and even had to move the coffee table to make room.  

 He fixed the bridge all by himself! 

 And, was clearly very proud!

After all that playing, he needed a snack.... so he fixed it himself! 
And by that I mean, he ate 2 day old Cheerios that he had stashed away in his kitchen. 
Seriously... I've been looking for that cup since Saturday. I didn't think to look in his oven!   

Then, he cooked lemons while I made a picnic lunch for us to take to the pool. That oven mitt cracks me up. Any time he has it on, he walks around with his hand elevated and uses only his left hand to work. 

We had a great time at the pool, but there aren't any pictures. Owen is absolutely in love with jumping into the water, so I couldn't risk being the least bit distracted.   He jumps in, climbs the ladder out, and jumps in again.  We ate our lunch on the pool chairs. He had a banana in one hand and carrot sticks in the other... I almost threw up as he ate them together. He also decided that he LOVES honeydew and cucumbers, or "cumbers" as he calls them. 

We did finally put on real clothes. 

While I cooked dinner he played with his "Owen Train" (the train cars are the letters in his name).  I was even able to shoot a video of him spelling his name!  I'll try to load some of his newest videos soon. 

He's growing up so quickly.  Not only is he talking constantly, but he's also decided that he wants to sleep like a big boy.... NO sound machine, NO Sleepsack! We've played the sound machine every night since we brought him home from the hospital, but today he said he didn't want it.  Then, he said he wanted his "Meemee bank-it" instead of his "sea-sack".  He's spent 2 years sleeping in either a SwaddleMe or a Sleepsack, so I wasn't sure how he'd do. I put him to bed with his blankets and  walked out of his silent room--- within minutes he was asleep.  I'm glad he's finally decided he's too big for the Sleepsack because he actually is TOO BIG for it.  I was about a week away from sewing a homemade extra-long Sleepsack.  He had to give it up sometime... you can't sleep in a blanket-gown forever man!  


  1. i love the part about bed time! Rylee has to sleep with like 7 different blankets but make sure she's covered up with the zebra one or it's war! haha

  2. patrick used to do the same thing with real food and even the dust pan...put it with his kitchen...