Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sock Monkey Party {Food}

Welcome to the party--- Let's eat! 

We planned the party around the kids' nap times. {Because cranky 2 year olds don't have as much fun as well rested 2 year olds!} That meant they'd all be up by 3pm and ready to play, but they wouldn't be ready for dinner yet.  So, we decided to have lots and lots of snack foods that both kids and adults would enjoy. 

We served a big tray of veggies, bananas and banana pudding.  This was monkey party after all! Diana and her mom made the banana pudding and it was delicious--- within minutes all of the cups were gone and the backup tray of pudding was licked clean!  I'll see if I can get their recipe and post it here soon! :O)

We wanted the drinks to match the party colors- red, turquoise, and brown. So, we served....
 "Monkey Punch" which is Hawaiian Punch, 7-Up & Pineapple Juice
"Monkey Juice" which is the perfect color KoolAid
and Sweet Tea.

There were fruit kabobs, "Monkey Munch" also known as Chex Mix, and cute little homemade uncrustable sandwiches.  I'd like to take credit for making the sandwiches, but I really just handed my mom the bread and watched her work her magic.  For some reason, my Pampered Chef Cut & Seal sandwich maker wouldn't work for me, but it didn't mess up one time for Mom! 

The most beautiful food of all... The Cupcakes! 

Brandi made buttercream and chocolate cupcakes {all 4 1/2 DOZEN} from scratch! Then, she and I worked together to frost and roll the edges in coordinating sprinkles.  The cupcakes looked so festive.  

If you're looking for turquoise jimmies {...not to be confused with sprinkles... I got a whole lesson on the differences between Jimmies and Sprinkles while at the baking supply store}  We purchased these from The Bakers Confections on Etsy. The red jimmies were purchased at our local baking supply store and the brown were right off the shelf at the grocery store. 

Each of our kiddos had their own special spot at the table.  There was a name banner, balloons, Subway art, a "mommy-made" sock monkey, and a cupcake tower at each place setting! 

This table is a DIY dream! We painted the circles on the brown paper, used the Silhouette program to make the banners and subway art {which were filled with words that described our little ones and their interests}, spent one of our craft days making the sock monkeys and we made the cupcake stands! 

During our party planning trip to Canton Trade Days, we walked past a store with 9 perfectly sized melamine plates (for $1 each!!!) and scooped them up.  We applied two coats of spray paint to the old flowery designed plates and Dollar Store candlesticks, Brandi glued them together and TA DA... cupcake stands! 


Sara Beth's.

and Owen's.

We tried to get a photo of each of them by their special place setting. 

Tristen did a great job! 

Sara Beth was a perfect little birthday girl! 

And, my very safety conscious, Owen didn't understand why I sat him down on top of a table and walked away! 

Their little personalities really shined during The Happy Birthday Songs! 

Tristen soaked in the attention and even blew out his own candles!

Sara Beth was very happy to hear her Happy Birthday song and blew out her candles with Mommy's help. 

Owen... well,  he tried to get away while everyone sang to him! 
"Run that way, Mom! They've set my cupcake on fire and they just keep singing!!!"  Oh, sweet memories... I blew out the candles for him and he was happy once again.  (Maybe putting out his 1st Birthday candles with his fingers was more traumatic than we thought)

There was one thing they all agreed on.... The cupcakes were GOOD! 

They all stood behind the table eating their cupcakes, licking the icing and sharing them with their friends and family. 

Owen even went back for a second round of cupcakes after the party was over :O)


  1. Yummy! Everything was so cute (especially the kids)! I miss it already!

  2. LOVE your adorable monkey party! Where did you get the birthday shirts? I'm getting ready for my own Owen's 1st birthday!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

    1. It was just a fun party and a theme that I still love! My grandma made their shirts, but I'm sure you could find a sock monkey appliquéd shirt on Etsy!

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