Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sock Monkey Party {You're Invited!}

We celebrated Owen, Tristen, and Sara Beth's 2nd birthday last weekend. It was perfect in every way! 
~And I've spent the past week scrolling through all the pictures and smiling at all the beautiful memories we made that day~ 

But long before we were eating cupcakes and singing The Happy Birthday Song (three times) there was an idea... A combined birthday party!  Back in January, the moms (Brandi, Diana, and I) were talking about how quickly our little ones were growing up and trying to decide how to celebrate their 2nd birthdays. We all wanted to celebrate, but we each had a reason that stopped us from hosting a big party. {Brandi's work schedule, Diana's new baby boy, and B's deployment} As we talked about our schedules and plans, we laughed and half-jokingly said we should have a combined party. Then... after a moment's pause, we realized it was a brilliant plan!  Each of us wanted a party, but couldn't make it happen on our own and we'd be inviting each other to the parties... so if we'd be together anyway... why not pool our ideas, time, and effort to host one great party for the kids! 

I've been looking forward to the party since that very minute back in January {even before there was a theme, a date, or any other sort of party idea}.  I looked forward to it because it meant I had plans with my friends.  You see, this was right before B left for his deployment... before I knew what it was like to spend more than a few weeks apart from him.  I knew that being apart from each other was inevitable, but I didn't know what it felt like to be at home with Owen without him.  I worried that the next 180 days would creep by because I didn't have any plans. This birthday gave me lots of plans...  plans to meet at Barnes & Noble to talk about our ideas, plans for craft days,  and plans for a trip to Canton to buy party supplies, lots and lots of plans.  I am SO thankful for that.  But, even more, I'm thankful for Brandi and Diana. Everyone that saw us working together said we made a great team. {And it's true} Between the three of us, we had tons of great ideas, talents, and friendship... that's the best part of all!   

With all that said... you are now invited to Tristen, Sara Beth & Owen's Sock Monkey birthday party!  There will be LOTS of pictures to come, but for now... here's the invitation. 

Every part of the party was a combined effort between all the moms.  We linked our brains via Pinterest.   (Which is an amazing tool when trying to brainstorm between 3 busy moms).  After looking at ideas on our Pinterest boards, we sketched out the invitation together.   It would be red, brown and turquoise, with pictures of the kids and a sock monkey theme. 

I made every part of it using the Silhouette design program.  It was really fun and a lot of work! But, I was happy to do it because it was hard to fall asleep in my giant bed without B. But, it was easy to stay up until 2AM every night working on the invitation... and by then I'd be so tired that falling asleep was easier.  I made the monkey to look like a shirt we found on Etsy. I'm most proud of the argyle background.... which took f-o-r-e-v-e-r  to make, but was worth every minute.  Then, I added the photos and the invites were ready to print! 

Our friend, Emily, took the pictures of the kids for us. There were lots more than just the 3 on the invite.  We displayed a few at the party, but I figured I'd share a few more here too! 
 I love having these sweet pictures of Owen with his best buddies!

During one of our craft days, the mom's made sock monkeys for the kids.  They all immediately loved them.  Our monkey had to go into hiding before the party because Owen was carrying him around by his tail, making him dance, and throwing him up and down every chance he got.  I don't trust my hand-sewing skills that much! Now that the party is over, we take him everywhere!   

We bribed the kids with raisins in attempt to get them to look at the camera. They ate all of them, looked in three different directions, and then laughed at us! 

 They did agree that they liked looking at the water. 

...running from the moms...

 ... and watching the fish swim!

They were all so happy to be playing together. 


I think this is such a sweet photo of Sara Beth with her homemade sock monkey. 

 Emily kept snapping photos even after the main shots were covered.  She got such great pictures of them playing together. 

 I love this picture of Owen laughing at Tristen.  I think he looks so much like Brendon. 

There will be more party posts to come. But, for now... I'm off to bed because it's already midnight and I started writing and uploading this post at 8PM! 


  1. I'm tearing up reading this post, Brittany. You captured our friendship and collaboration on this perfectly! I can't wait to read the other ones now!

  2. I just found this while looking for monkey party ideas. They are all so sweet! (And yes, I pinned it) :-)