Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baby #2 at 17 Weeks

Total Weight Gain:  5 pounds

Cravings:  I've had two BIG cravings this week... 

#1 BLT Sandwiches --- I've had 3 this week.  Thankfully, we ran out of bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, so my cholesterol levels are getting a break.  I'm pretty sure that I've consumed more bacon this week than any other week of my life.   

#2 Sweet Tea--- Brendon and I started watching all the old episodes of Duck Dynasty (We wanted to see what all the fuss was about and ended up loving the show. It's our weekly fill of Louisiana!) and now I can't stop thinking about sweet tea. I'm going to add tea to the grocery list this week! 

Movement:  Baby is a kick boxer! I feel lots of movement each day and especially after eating. 

Belly Button In or Out:  It's still an innie but it also does NOT look normal.  

Looking forward to:   Getting the nursery fabric samples in the mail!  The fabrics are olive green, turquoise, and navy blue with vintage cars. I think it will make great nursery bedding and also be a fun theme that a boy would like for a long time. 

Nesting:  Other than a lot of window internet shopping, I haven't done anything for the baby's room. Instead, I've been finishing up projects around the house and planning for Owen's big boy room.  
I've finally finished decorating the guest bathroom.  {I've had all the supplies since we lived in Shreveport, but just put them up this month... 7 months after buying them} 

The bathroom is decorated in black, gray, and yellow colors. Here's the shower curtain I bought at Kohl's and added yellow bows to the hooks. 

The fabric from the valance over the window is my favorite part. 

I bought the fabric at JoAnn's and wrapped it over a rectangle canvas stretcher frame that I found for $6 at Michaels.   Then, I used screw-in hooks and eye loops to attach them to the wall. 

The towel rack is a piece of wood, covered in fabric, and it has 3 drawer pulls as hooks. 

I bought 2 of these baskets on clearance at JoAnn's, but the fabric liners were u-g-l-y. I ditched the old flowery basket liners and sewed new ones. They look great holding the extra toiletries for guests. 

The feature wall... copied straight from this pin on Pinterest! 

Izzi likes that he coordinates with the bathroom!  He wanted to be in all the pictures. 

Owen will be getting new bedroom furniture and curtains in the next few weeks. We bought the bed on Sunday, but it won't be delivered for 2 more weeks.  In the mean time, I've been buying new sheets, comforter and fabric for curtains.  Here's what I have so far... 

New twin bed with trundle.

Target Rugby gray and white striped comforter.

Ann Kelle Remix fabric for the curtains. 

And, new sheets (which are much more lime than this picture makes them appear).


  1. So cute! That includes your little baby belly too! I can't wait for your visit in 2 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Everything looks great Brittany....and so do you! I'll be looking forward to more pictures as you pull it all together. Once again, you are so talented!

  3. love everything! you look fab and love your ideas for baby's room! super cute!!