Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby #2 at 18 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 6 pounds {I'm pretty sure I can thank the Girl Scouts for that pound... darn those cookies}

Movement:  I'm feeling baby move a lot at night. There have been a couple times that all the movement has kept me up. I love it! 

Maternity Wear: My t-shirts are feeling too snug to sleep in I've taken over B's shirts! 

Nursery Decor: The fabric swatches arrived! I can't get enough of them --- They are medium weight duck cloth (@ only $7.50 a yard!), will look perfect, and be very durable. I think I'll be happy with them for a long time. Now, I'm trying to decide if I want to find a new crib or paint Owen's crib. 

Looking forward to: Warm weather and wearing dresses instead of maternity jeans with the giant belly band. 

This week: We've had lots of fun this week!

 Owen got a professional haircut on Friday. 
Before this week, I've always cut his hair. But now he loses his mind  when I try, so I decided to let someone else be the haircut bad guy. Even with the bribe of a lollypop from the stylist and the promise of a donut after, he still hated every second of the haircut. 

He definitely enjoyed the donut after the haircut! 

He's just so darn cute! This week he's been really in to his Llama Llama books.  At nap and bedtime, he sits in bed "reading" and he's memorized the majority of the words.  He's also been quiet the singer -- his two favorite CDs are Veggie Tales and Johnette Downing. He sings almost every words to his favorite songs. 

On Saturday, we went to Tule Springs. It's a cute little park on our side of town and THEY HAVE A DUCK POND! We've really missed the duck pond in Shreveport, so finding some ducks to watch was a fun outing for the family.  The ducks and geese were EvErYwHeRe! I couldn't believe how many were crowded into the water. 

We packed a picnic lunch, went for a walk, and enjoyed the perfect weather! 

After Tule Springs, we went to the nursery to pick out new plants for the backyard. We decided that the  giant plant in the backyard wasn't just dormant for the winter, but actually dead, so we put in some new ones. When I say "we" I really mean that Owen and I enjoyed a snack while B did all the work! It looks great in the backyard now! 

B was pointing to the helicopters flying in the sky and Owen copied him. It was so cute! 

He loved playing with sticks in the backyard! 

And running in the sprinkler!

He begged us to let him look over the wall into the neighbors yard. 

He's such a snoop... but the neighbors weren't home so we figured it would be ok. 

Our biggest accomplishment this week was PAYING OFF OUR STUDENT LOANS!!!  I felt like shouting "freedom!" from the rooftop after I hit submit.  I smile each time I walk past the diplomas now because I know that our college days are paid for completely!  It's a HUGE sacrifice to send money off every month for an extra loan payment, but we did it and know that we've save thousands of dollars in interest!  

I've been working on a few projects and can post about them soon.... but for now, I'm off to bed! 

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