Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby #2 at 22 Weeks

This post is a week late... We had so much fun Easter weekend that I just didn't have the time or energy to type. Yes, that's possible. Then, last night, I attempted to write this post and fell asleep with the computer on my lap!  Momma needs a nap! 

Total Weight Gain:  about 13 pounds -- I can't remember exactly. Honestly, I feel like I've gained 10 pounds this week. If I even look at the salt shaker and my hands start swelling, which is not cool! I didn't have that at all with Owen and I don't like it, for sure! My wedding ring still fits, but it won't at 40 weeks if this keeps up. 

News from the doctor: Our doctors appointment was on Monday. This was technically my 20 week appointment. My schedule is off track for visiting the doctor. She cancelled, I went out of town and now appointments are booked out so far that it makes it difficult to get back on track. I'm measuring 2 weeks early, which surprised the doctor. I wasn't surprised at all when she said that because I feel 2 weeks farther along than my due date says. I'm not uncomfortable... I just notice such a difference between 22 weeks with Owen and 22 weeks with Baby #2. The doctor will keep tracking my belly growth at each appointment and possibly have a better estimate of my due date after my next ultrasound. 

Cravings: Deviled Eggs! All those boiled Easter eggs turned into deviled eggs after they were dyed. I don't eat deviled eggs very often and always forget how much I like them. 

Movement: The baby has been kicking for a long time, but this week I noticed that the movements are getting much stronger and have gone from a small kick to a huge roll within my belly. He's a wiggle worm! 

Big Brother News: Owen is almost patient enough to feel the baby move. He'll put his hand on my belly and wait {no more than} 10 seconds to feel a kick. The baby always ends up moving the second after Owen walks away, but one day he'll feel it. 

Fun this week... 

Brendon came home from work on Thursday and said he wanted to do something fun with Owen. So, we all went to Chuck E Cheese! Owen loved every minute--- he loved "playing" the games. It wasn't exactly playing... for several games he'd sit in the seat and turn the steering wheel, but we hadn't even put a coin in, so it was just the demo running. He also loves the "coin waster games" -- you know, the kind that you put in a token and get a few tickets in return. He wanted to keep feeding the tokens to the machine. 
This picture cracks me up --- he was so excited about those little paper tickets and I absolutely could not get a non-blurry shot of him! 
He's also very good at the water-shooter game. Right after he and Brendon played, Owen called me over and gave me a long explanation on how to play. 
What a cutie! He's looking so much older, like a big boy. Although, if you call him a big boy he corrects you and says, "My a little boy!"

Friday evening, we sort of went to our church's Easter egg hunt. We drove there, unpacked the car and Owen's sock monkey Easter basket, but as soon as we saw the crowd, we realized this it was a little too big for us. It's perfect for older kids and tiny little toddlers, but Owen was just small enough to get lost in mix. 
Instead, we ended up at Cane's for dinner and I nearly cried when the man behind us in line paid for our dinner.  Brendon was in his uniform, so he knew we were a military family, and he thanked Brendon for his service. It was just so thoughtful of him! Owen attracted a lot of attention as he wore B's hat and carried around his empty Easter basket. He refused to leave it in the car! 

As soon as we came home, Brendon hid eggs all over the house and backyard. Owen was hooked! 

He found almost all the eggs without help from us. 

We thought he would love to dye eggs, but it turns out he just likes to pretend to boil them! 
He stirred them... 
Did a little plastic egg taste testing... 
Tried to microwave them... 
and pulled them out of the "water" just like Daddy. 
*Notice who is actually dyeing the eggs in the background! 
Brendon's Easter eggs! 

Saturday ended up being a great day! Brendon was working all day and I had no plans at all. We walked to the park around 8:30 and when we got there we found the neighborhood "Spring Fling" was being set up. Owen and I stayed there for the rest of the morning. He refused to wear the bunny ears they gave us, but also wouldn't let me take my bunny ears off! 

He was in love with the hot air balloon and stood right there the entire time they took to blow it up... which isn't quick! 

We played ring toss and "fished" for prizes.  
My favorite activity was the mini golf. The kids got to hit the ball to the bunny to earn a prize. As Owen walked up to play the lady said, "He'll need some help, Mom," but as soon as she gave him the golf club, he showed off his golfing skills. He and Brendon play a little golf putting game almost everyday, so he was really good at it! 

The Easter bunny came to visit! 
Owen loved waking up and hunting for eggs all over the house! 

The basket was full of fun things too... but nothing as good as the mini M&Ms! 
While we were upstairs getting ready for church, Owen was quieter than normal... we walked downstairs and found him covered in chocolate! He ate almost an entire package of mini M&Ms while we weren't looking! :O) 

Owen loves to help in the kitchen. So, we let him sit on the counter and help us make carrot cake. 
He chopped the carrots... 
Mixed all the ingredients in the bowl with Mommy... 
and smelled the cake batter with Daddy.
The finished cake was beautiful and delicious. Check out Owen licking the frosting off the spatula! 

The guys grilled the meat for dinner and we had a wonderful day! 

 Happy Easter! 

After such an exciting weekend, Owen and I have been playing at home all week! 
He loves to play the alphabet game. 
Here he is with my sunglasses on! 
I wrote all the letters on our wall in chalk. Then, I write the letter on the small chalkboard and he goes to find it. He's really good at it too! 

 Guess who we caught with his hand in the cookie jar!?!  After letting him sit on the counter to cook, I guess he thought it was okay to climb up there all by himself. The trouble is... he can't get down! I heard his tiny worried voice squeak "Momma! Momma! Help!" and found him up there. Now, he reminds me all the time that we don't climb on the counter! 

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