Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baby #2 at 29 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 23.5 pounds 

Cravings What I eat: No more cravings... well, at least there's no point in dreaming about them since I won't be eating them anymore. Maybe I'll make this question about "what I do eat" --- Breakfast is my favorite meal because it's basically stayed the same.  I eat scrambled eggs with one egg & one egg white, an english muffin, a tiny bowl of grapefruit, and 8 ounces of milk. The only change from my usual breakfast is the lack of jelly.  Just a tablespoon full and my levels get too high. 

Nesting: The fabric is here!!! I've been tracking the box like a crazy woman and was so excited to see the UPS delivery on our doorstep yesterday.  This is a photo of all the fabrics that will go in the baby's room. The curtains are the first project on the list because the room is so bright and it needs blackout curtains to keep it cooler. Friday starts the big JoAnn's Craft Store sale that I've been waiting on...1/2 off ALL of the items on my supply list and an additional 20% off! It's like they made the sale for me. :O)

Big Brother News: Owen's a doctor and a personal trainer!  This week, big brother spent his fair share of time at the doctor's office. He went with me to get my lab work done and what I thought would take an hour took several hours. The nurse was so sweet to him and let him use the Fetal Doppler to listen to the baby's "heart beep" -- It was adorable! He stood on a chair, put the goo on the Doppler and then swirled it around on my belly. He even found the heartbeat! 

After he got a taste of the medical field, he decided to try his hand at personal training. I've been using Lindsay Brin's workout DVDs since Owen was little. He and I both have them memorized! I just bought the newly released Prenatal DVD. When he saw the new DVD sitting on the counter, he immediately asked me to do my workout. While I was using my weights and doing squats, he ran downstairs to get his maracas and pretended they were weights. It was so funny to see him "workout" in his little tighty-whities and the faces he made actually make me wonder if that's what I look like!  I took the most hysterical picture of him... I decided to crop out his underwear. I'll save the full photo for his future wife! 

Baby's Things: Our friends, Joe and Holly, sent us a gift on Wednesday and timing couldn't have been better! I'd just found out about the gestational diabetes and, that very same night, Brendon brought it home from work! I love that Mommy and Daddy have a onesie, and Owen keeps stealing the toy from the baby's room. :O)

This week: We've had tons of fun this past week - playing with friends at the pool, meeting buddies at the splash pad, going to the doctor's office, and relaxing around the house. 

 Friends sharing goldfish at the Town Square playground. 

 He was soooo worn out! 

Brendon's been TDY all week in Florida. Being the man of the house must be wearing Owen out. This morning, while I was making our eggs, he told me he needed to relax. He stayed right there in the kitchen floor until his breakfast was ready!  We are both excited for Daddy to come home on Friday :O) 


  1. Love that fabric! I wish you were here, or we were there. I miss you terribly and need some friend time desperately. You look great!

  2. I'm loving that fabric, too! I swear my Joann's didn't have that great of a selection of boy fabrics... I ended up forking out a lot of $$$ to get designer fabric at another store :( Can't wait to see what your finished product looks like! How sweet of your friend to give you the gift at the perfect time you needed a pick me up, too! :)